TreeEra - Offsetting our impact as a community.

by TreeEra Inc





Nov 06, 2017


Dec 21, 2017




TreeEra - Offsetting our impact as a community.

by TreeEra Inc in Calgary

Business Plan

TreeEra helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and offset the effects of climate change by community-funding the planting of trees. It's a way to start practicing sustainability with minimal effort - about as much effort as signing up for Netflix. A low-cost monthly subscription plants hundreds (and in some case thousands) of trees on behalf of individuals and organizations annually - a simple but meaningful way to get off the sidelines. 

Climate change is complex - our approach isn't. A single mature tree does an incredible amount of good - it has the ability to sequester up to one tonne of carbon throughout its lifetime, and can provide enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe. We believe that offsetting our carbon footprint should be accessible and shouldn't feel like calculating our taxes. Trees make a difference. Simple as that. 

The rhetoric around climate change so often relies on guilt and fear. TreeEra, on the other hand, hopes to empower the community to join a fresh, relatable and positive movement to address this growing global concern.

The community-funding of these trees can also be done through a number of custom initiatives, or through our 5-Tree Patch that lives in over 20 'Treetailers' across North America.

Together we will plant one billion trees. 

Comments (6)

Renata Herd says:

Keep it up!

24 seconds ago

Barb Marshall says:

Of course, I loved/needed the postcards! ;) Fantastic project, happy to support.

46 seconds ago

Playfield Co. says:

Let's change the world together.

6 seconds ago

Tracey Sawatzky says:

Love what you guys are doing!

45 seconds ago

Alvina Cunningham says:

luv this cause!

8 seconds ago

Barry Fellows says:

TreeEra is a great cause and is creating awareness of the bigger picture

10 seconds ago


Ryan Heal


"When you start going to the gym, you also start eating better. I feel like this is similar. You start with a simple subscription, and all of a sudden there’s other things in your life you start looking at to be environmentally sustainable.”

Michael Fitzgerald


"What I like about this concept is that my subscription takes me off the sidelines. Yes, climate change is real, and a solution will take decades to arrive at but in the meantime I am starting to do my part."

Melissa Fellows


"It's when we take these small steps as individuals that we can make a measurable impact as a community."

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