Spiraveg - Raw Fresh Spirulina

by Lydia Wang lwang@spiraveg.ca

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Mar 01, 2019


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Spiraveg - Raw Fresh Spirulina

by Lydia Wang in Calgary

Business Plan

 Who we are?

We are SpiraVeg, a spirulina grower in Calgary, Alberta!  Thanks to modern advancements in LED light technology, we can now grow spirulina indoors, in a controlled environment! This allows us to consistently produce one of the highest quality spirulina products that can be found anywhere in the world.

Why we grow spirulina?

Ø  “Conscious living, conscious eating.” We are health conscious people and believe that food is our medicine, you can only be as good as the food you eat. We love healthy food.

Spirulina contains 65 different vitamins and minerals, up to 70% protein (delivering 18 of 20 amino acids needed) and very high in antioxidants.  Spirulina is one of the most nutrient dense, plant-based protein source foods on the planet and referred to by many health experts as “the king of superfoods”.  

Ø  “Fresh is best” and that is our motivation for doing what we do at SpiraVeg. 

Ø  Providing a very beneficial whole food with a very mild taste, that’s convenient and easily consumed by people of all ages is our way to impact world health in the most positive way.


How our spirulina grows?

We use Calgary city water (one of the best municipal water sources in the world), double filter it at our facility, utilize specialized LED light providing the light energy that caters to spirulina and elemental food grade nutrients to feed the spirulina.

Spirulina is a microalgae that does grow naturally in fresh water ponds and lakes in subtropical areas around the world.  With our in-house scientist and engineering, we have developed our own technological system allowing us to grow Spirulina in Calgary (indoors). 

Our growing system is:

  • Compact, a smaller footprint (less land usage than outdoor systems).
  • Controllable growing environment consistently producing high quality spirulina all year round.
  • Enclosed design providing protection from potential outdoor environmental contamination (natural and man-made pollution) and the invasion of foreign species. 

What is unique about our spirulina?

  •  Raw, Live, and Fresh: never processed!
  •  Intact cells: spirulina nutrients are contained and protected by the cell wall
  •  100% bioavailable: all nutrients are available and easily digestible as a whole food
  •   High quality, pure spirulina: Free of heavy metals, No pesticides, Non GMO, No preservatives
  •   Easy to Use: odorless and tasteless, consume with water or any drinks, or even straight from spoon!  

Why ATB Boostr?

Ø  Spread the word:

For the past year, we have been actively attending Health Shows, Festivals and Farmers’ Markets, etc. in Calgary and western Canada.  We’ve come to realize there is a limited awareness of spirulina and of the people that know it, many are turned off by the all too familiar strong taste associated with processed varieties.  

There has never been a better time than now to rediscover spirulina or explore the consumption of such an awesome whole food that is locally grown.  

How we will use the fund?

Ø  Automation of our packaging system

Production of our frozen cubed spirulina is rather labor intensive and time consuming as it is all completed by hand.  We will use the funding to automate our frozen spirulina making process, enable us to increase productivity and thereby lower our production cost, passing this benefit to our customers.

Ø  Make bulk packages available

Some feedback we have received is to increase our frozen spirulina package size, offering more volume. We will use the funding to acquire larger packages (in design phase), increasing from 14 cubes up to a 100-cube bulk package. This will enable us to pass on better value to our customers. More importantly, reducing the overall packaging that ends up in the land fill.  We love our planet and our goal is to minimize the impact of our package on the environment.

How can you help?

Ø  Support us by purchasing a reward

We have a wide range of rewards from one bag / one jar up to 24 large jars in a pre-paid subscription style. We are very flexible on delivering as per your schedule, so you can always have fresh on hand!

Ø  Share for us

Please help us by sharing this BoostR campaign link with all your friends and family! We can ship our Raw Fresh product to most places across Canada!  

With your help, we can continue in providing high quality spirulina, an awesome healthy food, to more people and hopefully making a positive change in their everyday life.


Love the food that loves you back.

SpiraVeg Team


Comments (12)

Sally Wo says:

Keep your great work!

44 seconds ago

David D'Souza says:

Amazing product. I've tried different fresh spirulina products, and Spiraveg is the best. Highly encourage you to give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

23 seconds ago

Linh Huynh says:

It's an amazing product! Best of luck in this campaign.

39 seconds ago

Gracie Wang says:


27 seconds ago

John Bitonti says:

Fantastic product I have been using it for over a year.

9 seconds ago

Kareen Stangherlin says:

Keen to watch you grow your business!

37 seconds ago

Marie Dyer says:

Amazing product Amazing people

59 seconds ago

Barbara Rempel says:

SpiraVeg - the most delicious and nutritious spirulina I've ever seen! Owners Roger & Lydia are conscientious in their production AND business practices. Plus they are the kindest, most joyous people - the right ones to be producing a high vibration nutritious product like LIVE spirulina!

11 seconds ago

Ying Zhang says:

It’s very healthy food, I use it over one year, taste good. Support it!

37 seconds ago

Anjeza Terpollari says:

I don’t mind at all now to drinking spirulina! I take it with water or use it in my breakfast smoothie.

56 seconds ago

Pauline Lee says:

I look forward to your fresh spirulina every week. It brings extra vitality to my water, and it's even gotten rid of my tremors! Thank you Lydia and Roger!

41 seconds ago

Vladimir Gonzalez says:

All the best

16 seconds ago


Jianwei Chen


Jianwei has called Calgary home for six years. He is currently involved as a microbial scientist at the University of Calgary, following a move from Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology in Germany. He obtained a PhD in Environmental Engineering has 13 years of research experience in both microbiology and biotechnology. After bridging the knowledge gap between science and engineering, he developed the innovative technology to produce high quality spirulina right here in Calgary. ...

Roger Boutin


Roger has had a lifelong interest in natural health and nutrition. After spending close to 30 years in the oil and gas industry (drilling activities) it was time to pursue something more fitting to his passion. Growing spirulina had never entered his mind but once introduced to the idea, there was no looking back. His official role is VP of Sales when not at the production facility. You can see him offering product demonstrations at many local health food stores, Farmers Markets, Health ...

Lydia Wang


Lydia immigrated to Canada 15 years ago. With a love of the Rocky Mountains she chose to settle in Calgary. As a Cost Engineer, her prior career involved dealing with numbers for all types of construction projects. With an MBA background, running her own business was always in her mind so when family friend Jianwei proposed this spirulina business, she had no hesitation. It was a welcoming challenge for her to change from a engineer mindset to the marketing role.

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