The Wanderer Magazine's First Print Publication!

by Zosia Czarnecka

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Feb 19, 2018


Apr 05, 2018




The Wanderer Magazine's First Print Publication!

by Zosia Czarnecka in Edmonton

Business Plan

The Wanderer ( was started by a group of students from the University of Alberta in the summer of 2012. Since then, we have grown into the voice of Edmonton with over a thousand articles published to date. Our content includes cultural reviews of events and restaurants in the city, interviews with notable Edmontonians, creative writing and long-form journalism pieces in insight, politics, lifestyle and business. In all our content, we strive to show a new side of Edmonton. When we review a new cafe, we don't just comment on the food and drinks - we tell the story behind the name and layout of the cafe. Now when you walk in for your coffee, you'll feel more personally connected with the space. When we comment on an international event, we don't just bring you the facts - we tell you why you, as an Edmontonian, should care about this news. With everything we write, we try to bring Edmonton closer-together as a community and help small business owners get their stories told. 

Since its inception, The Wanderer has always been entirely volunteer-run. As we continue to grow the publication, we need your support. To celebrate our five-year anniversary, we are publishing our FIRST-EVER print publication! This magazine will not only celebrate The Wanderer, but also Edmonton as a whole. The publication will include:

  • Pieces from our archives
  • Newly commissioned articles
  • Hidden Edmonton restaurant reviews
  • 15 Edmontonians in the Spotlight (nominated by the community!)
  • A map of our favorite spots in the city
  • And much, much more!

Our hope is that this will be a book of Edmonton, that it will find itself on coffee tables, flipped through many, many times and enjoyed by all. The funds raised from this campaign will cover the costs of printing 1000 copies of this publication. Remaining funds will be used to host a launch party to celebrate printing and the rest will go towards hosting conferences and events to help up-and-coming writers and creatives and bring together the Edmonton community. 

Comments (5)

Antony Ta says:

Best of luck!!

21 seconds ago

Emily Chapman says:

Good luck <3

22 seconds ago

Uzair Ahmed says:

Good luck!!

51 seconds ago

Jared Zamzow says:

Go Team! Believe in the publication and YOU! Happy to contribute in any way I can and glad to help in this way. GO TEAM!!

57 seconds ago

Sai Vemula says:

I've always loved the work of the Wanderer and all its creators. Looking forward to the print publication! Best wishes.

41 seconds ago


Zosia Czarnecka


Zosia is the Editor-in-Chief of The Wanderer. She is also a medical student at the University of Alberta. Outside of class, she spends her time volunteering with the ski patrol in Jasper, exploring Edmonton, or delving into a new book or movie.

Keaton Peterson


Keaton is a Managing Editor with The Wanderer. Keaton writes for numerous Edmonton-based businesses and marketing agencies. When he isn't writing, Keaton is watching a hockey game or exploring the mountains with his dogs.

Sanaa Humayun


Sanaa is one of the managing editors at The Wanderer. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English & Psychology from the University of Alberta and loves coffee, reading, social justice and her cat.

Chris Berger


Chris is one of the managing editors at The Wanderer. Chris is a graduate of the Honours program in Political Science at the University of Alberta working in research and communications here in Edmonton. He is also a passionate writer with a keen interest in philosophy, politics, literature, and science. On his downtime, you’ll find him nurturing his amateur culinary skills or playing paleontologist as a volunteer specimen preparator.

Gabriella Gut


Gabriella Gut is The Wanderer's Graphic Designer. She is a freelance photographer, graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Calgary, Alberta. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design

Krishen Singh


Krishen is The Wanderer's Communications Coordinator. Krishen is currently a first year law student at the University of Alberta. When not busy studying, he enjoys playing sports, reading mystery novels, and watching amateur live performance events in Edmonton.

Katherine Abbass


Katherine is the co-editor of The Wanderer's Creative Writing section. She is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta's Faculty of Education. Katherine was an English major who found a home for her stories in Glass Buffalo magazine, where she also interned as an editorial assistant this past summer.

Nicholas Siennicki


Nicholas Siennicki is the co-editor of The Wanderer's Creative Writing section. Nicholas studies classical literature at the University of Alberta, with a focus on the comparison between neoclassical and Roman literature.

Caitlin Hart


Caitlin is The Wanderer's Politics Editor. She is a born-and-raised Edmontonian who graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Alberta in 2017. She is a freelance writer and editor focusing on politics and feminist issues.

Kevin Holowack


Kevin is The Wanderer's Lifestyle Editor. He was born in Edmonton and has his undergraduate degree in English from the University of Alberta. Now he works at a bookstore and as a part-time children’s writer while pursuing various musical and literary projects.

Rita Neyer


Rita is The Wanderer's Insight Editor. She is a third year Ph.D. student in History at the University of Alberta. After growing up in Austria, she came to Canada to study in 2014 and Edmonton has since become her home away from home. Rita's editorial philosophy is to listen, learn, and share ideas.

Maja Staka


Maja is The Wanderer's Culture & Food Editor and a freelance writer and editor who lives with her roommate and their 15 plants. A French translator by trade, Maja completed her BA and MA of Linguistics at the University of Alberta as well as a translation diploma. In her spare time, you can find Maja reading, exploring her city's restaurant scene and planning ski trips with her family.

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