Sinking Ship Supply Co.

by Christian Nelson

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Mar 06, 2018


Apr 20, 2018




Sinking Ship Supply Co.

by Christian Nelson in Lethbridge

Business Plan

Who are we?

 Sinking Ship is a local company offering skateboards and clothing made right here in Lethbridge AB, Canada.  From the gluing, pressing, cutting, sanding and every other aspect along the way, our boards are 100% made by us for you. We are also responsible for all of the screenprinting and embroidery on our clothing line. Our aim is to provide a quality timeless product, all while maintaining a price point that is approachable to everyones budget. 


Our Mission

Starting in April 2018 we plan to move and expand to offer custom screen printing and embroidery to the public. We can now add your company, team, or club logo on a variety of promotional products and you can expect the same great quality and workmanship we put into our very own. This expansion will also allow us to push forward with our "Sinking Ship" brand. For several years we have been working out of various garages perfecting our process. We are now at a point where this situation has become very limiting and we are ready to take the next step and move to a bigger location. To make this expansion possible we are investing in a variety of equipment to ensure we can offer the best service possible. Items will include a 4 Head embroidery machine, Multi Station Screen Printing Press, as well as various items involved in the decorating process. These items are a big expense, so we have created this unique campaign to help ease our growing pains. We are also using this campaign to show some unique items we can offer you for your own project, as well as get the word out about our new location and products. 

What you get!

We are proud to offer a range of rewards from as little as $15.00 all the way to $375.00. Many of these items are available for the first time ever here, while others are Limited Edition and won't be made again. We will also be doing surprise product drops throughout the campaign, so be sure to check back often. Items will range from Pin/Patch Packs and Socks, all the way to Hats, Hoodies, and Decks. We are also offering one off items like the chance to design and build your own custom deck. We will guide you through the entire board building experiance to build that custom shape you've always wanted. We are also excited to annouce that 3% of all sales will be split between The Lethbridge Girls Rock Camp and The Lethbridge Skateboard Association.  

Thanks for the support!


Comments (6)

Kandice Smith says:

Cheers cuz! Wish I could give you more!

35 seconds ago

Christine Mitchell says:

Looking awesome Christian! Good Luck with the expansion!

17 seconds ago

James Myer says:

Hell yeah buddy!

52 seconds ago

Dean Wilson says:

My Boss saw how cool my deck is going to be and demanded to have one!

3 seconds ago

Tony Tietz says:

Great idea Christian!! Continued success!

12 seconds ago

Anne Nelson says:

Nice to see a new business opening in Lethbridge! Best of luck on your new endeavour!

46 seconds ago


Christian Nelson


Skateboard manufacturer from Lethbridge, AB Canada. 12+ years experience in Screenprinting/Embroidery field.

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