Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

by Heather Davis

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Feb 01, 2019


Feb 28, 2019




Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

by Heather Davis in Crowsnest Pass

Business Plan

Being outside is tremendously important to me. It has helped me through some dark times and has made me stronger both mentally and physically. It has shaped my life and after a traumatic event in my early 20s, it allowed me to refocus my life. I then studied Environmental and Conservation Sciences at the University of Alberta. All through this time in school, I was a tourguide for a ski and snowboard company and continued this until I moved to Crowsnest Pass. I worked in the environment field as a consultant and with Alberta Environment and Parks. I’ve been so fortunate with these job experiences and what they have taught me. I wanted to share with others the way the outdoors makes me feel and I pursued becoming a professional Hiking Guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

At first, I worked full-time and operated this company. A close friend of mine asked me if I would leave the security of my full-time job. I was scared that I would lose the science part of my life and my friend told me that I just needed to create that in my new journey. So, that’s what I’ve done! I discovered that I love to teach people. On these adventures, expect to learn and engage all of your senses. Learn about more than just the environment; learn about the culture, history, and geology of the area. Locals have even said that they have learned so much and gained a whole new appreciation for trails that they have hiked several times.

Uplift Adventures is an outdoor guiding company that focuses on building unique experiences for people visiting southwest Alberta, including Crowsnest Pass and Castle Parks. We offer two types of experiences: educational guided adventures and skill-building adventures. We often partner with other small businesses in the area to provide one exceptional experience. These include culinary, photography and wellness adventures. If you are worried that you don’t have the right gear, then you can also rent gear through Uplift Adventures.

This crowdfunding campaign will help Uplift Adventures raise money to purchase a van for our guests. At the moment, our guests need to provide their own transportation. Currently, people do not like to carpool with people they don’t know. We have seen up to 8 vehicles convoy to a trailhead. One of our values is to CONSERVE our environment and heritage for future generations. We want to ensure that we stay true to our values as we grow this company.

The other values of Uplift Adventures include:

  • To build CONFIDENCE in others to be outside. We do this by providing high-quality skill-building workshops that are field based.
  • To create an outdoor COMMUNITY which includes all types of people. We are always looking for innovative ways to get people outside and our adventures range in difficulty from easy to difficult.
  • To CONNECT people to our nature environment. Disconnect from the daily stresses of life and connect with nature. It will help you gain mental and physical strength.


Comments (37)

Chris Dekorte says:

Keep at it Heather. Love you guys

40 seconds ago

Ian & Brandi Davis says:

Awesome Job Heather!!! Your a huge inspiration to many people!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! :)

17 seconds ago

Michel Woodman says:

Yay Heather!!

33 seconds ago

Rachel Newrick says:

Since we love your business and want to help promote it - the t-shirt is perfect...advertising where ever we go.

5 seconds ago

Megan Rainford says:

Size small please :) Congratulations on reaching your first goal Heather - best of luck!

8 seconds ago

Trudy Nastiuk says:

Can’t wait to adventure with you!

34 seconds ago

Jacquie Hill says:

Awesome job Heather!

4 minutes ago

Eric Olsen says:

You got this Heather! So proud! Xo A.V, Eric + Metsä ❤️

39 seconds ago

Angela King says:

You are so inspiring!

6 seconds ago

Krista Kisiloski says:

You go!!!!

14 seconds ago

Terry Veluw says:

All the best from one female entrepreneur to another.

5 minutes ago

Matt Hennig says:

Good luck!

36 seconds ago

William Govenlock says:

Go get it!!

40 seconds ago

Emilie Brien says:

Go Uplift Adventures!!

55 seconds ago

Mike Thrane says:

Keep up all the good work and Good Luck!

40 seconds ago

Bruce Fox says:

Keep up the great work Heather!!

28 seconds ago

Lisa Kinnear says:


16 seconds ago

Lisa Dryden says:

You're such an inspiration! Keep up the amazing work!

15 seconds ago

Lieve Parisis says:

Amazing business. Strongly hope you reach your goal!

35 seconds ago

Nannette De Waal says:

Heather I am so pleased with your venture and I plan to book more adventures with Uplift. We'll start with this!

47 seconds ago

Aga Wajda-Plytta says:

Heck yes!!! Excited to watch your business grow, definitely need to hit the mountains together sometime!

48 seconds ago

ann palmer says:

Heather is my other "daughter". I have watched her work so hard at growing her company and herself. I admire her very much. I know its a hard road to build a company, and at the same time she believes in people learning new skills and loves to share her knowledge of the back country & flora and fauna of Crows Nest Pass. She truly loves the area she lives in and wants to share that love with as many people as she can.

45 seconds ago

Will Gluth says:

I love what you're onto with Uplift! Hope to see you around soon!

35 seconds ago

Chris Matthews says:

Uplift Adventures is one of the bright spots of the Crowsnest Pass right now.

41 seconds ago

Gloria Pasmeny says:

Thank you for initiating the perfect Pass business model! Delighted for the opportunity to support your success even though I'm currently housebound. Best wishes.

44 seconds ago

Nichole Yanota says:

Grateful for such an uplifting woman and business in our community!

13 seconds ago

Kate McKim-Keil says:

Heather is an amazing entrepreneur and has thought outside of the box with everything that she has accomplished with Uplift Adventures. She has been great for the tourism industry and filling a niche in the Crowsnest Pass! Please help her out with her BoostR campaign!

48 seconds ago

Jolanda Slagmolen-Flores says:

Good luck! Can't wait to go on this adventure!

45 seconds ago

Ruth Stephenson says:

Greatly looking forward to taking this hike!!

54 seconds ago

Claire Rogers says:

Happy to support your hard work friend!!

47 seconds ago

Suzanne Gomez says:

Good luck, Heather. You are doing a wonderful job promoting the Crowsnest Pass.

23 seconds ago

Matt Gibbons says:

Good luck, Heather. Love your passion!

41 seconds ago

Crowsnest Pass Holiday Homes says:

So glad to support you Heather with this venture! With Uplift Adventures you have poured your heart and soul into it, and we support you 100% and want to see you soar to success.

1 seconds ago

Matthew Schneider says:

Good luck!

51 seconds ago

Kayla Green says:

Go Heather!!

43 seconds ago

Aaron Domes says:

So much adventure in store! Congratulations and good luck!

1 seconds ago

Ron Tucker says:

Go, Heather, goooo....! We believe in you! Kerry and Ron Tucker

42 seconds ago


Heather Davis


Growing up on the farm with four brothers, Heather's mom always said that she had five boys: four regular and one tom. The adventurous side always resided deep within Heather's soul. As an adult, she studied Business, Biological Sciences, and Environmental and Conservation Sciences. She worked in the environmental field for seven years as a consultant and with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP). Her AEP job brought her to Crowsnest Pass in 2014 to be the Area Project Lead for the Crowsnest Pas...

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