Help Omen Brewing get beer into CANS!

by Omen Brewing Ltd.

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Oct 17, 2018


Dec 01, 2018




Help Omen Brewing get beer into CANS!

by Omen Brewing Ltd. in Edmonton

Business Plan

With a passion for traditional European style dark beer, and the lure of modern experimental brews calling, Omen Brewing Ltd. is aiming to be the foremost dark beer-focused craft brewery in Edmonton.  In order to achieve that goal, we need to make our product more accessible to you, our customer.  We are looking to raise enough capital to help with the purchase of a small manual canning machine, that will help get our beer out of our tap room, and into your fridge!

We are a family-run start up operation, consisting of three brothers and their dad.  During several independent trips throughout Europe in the early 2000's, each of us developed a taste for styles of beer that were difficult to find at home.  Experimenting with home brewing equipment, in the hopes of mimicking some of those styles, a passion for brewing was born.  Finding that of all the beer we enjoyed, top quality dark beers were the most difficult to come by, so we decided to fill that niche and make our own. Starting in the garage, we've expanded our recipe list as we've built up on experience, and now we're taking things to the next level. 

Following our passion, we've constructed a 2800 sqf, 10BBL brewery that we are very close to opening to the public.  Here, we are experimenting with original craft beer recipes, and providing well loved traditional styles.  With a focus on darker coloured beers, we know that true success comes from a good balance, so don't be surprised to find some lighter beer being produced as well!



Comments (20)

Michelle Tobias says:

Can’t wait to enjoy your beer!!

31 seconds ago

Kyle Munro says:

Merry Christmas to the Omen Brewery, and to me?

46 seconds ago

Androv Ironmongeringtonshireville says:

Can't wait to drink some beer!

7 seconds ago

D & D Nordheimer says:

Wishing you all the best.

52 seconds ago

Tony Oswald says:

Can't wait to hear the sound when you pull the tab

37 seconds ago

Michael Casey says:

Good luck Oswalds! You'll have to drop the glasses off next time you come to visit Toronto! Bring some beers with them ;)

12 seconds ago

Corine Gannon says:

Omen ...a devilish drink that will taste like heaven !!!

12 seconds ago

Blair Chapman says:

Can’t wait for The Opening! Congrats guys on all your hard work

1 seconds ago

JoAnne & Rob Fillion says:

Hope you meet your goal!

39 seconds ago

Andy Chiu says:

Congrats!!!!! I will pick up at the brewery

10 minutes ago

Tim Cusack says:

Looking forward to sampling your wares! Best wishes!

10 seconds ago

Anastasia Arabia says:

Welcome to the neighbourhood!! So excited for your opening!!

47 seconds ago

Greg Taylor says:

Slainte Mhath

58 seconds ago

Dirk Kuntscher says:

Wishing best of luck

29 seconds ago

Burke Smith says:

Pour it up OMen! Can't wait to serve it up in Holyrood from a 5L mini keg.

55 minutes ago

Alyssa Haunholter says:

Well done O Men! So proud and so excited to celebrate the first official beer!

39 seconds ago

Jason Desaulniers says:

Good luck guys!

51 seconds ago

Colin Porozni says:

Good Luck Gentlemen!

53 seconds ago

Michael Parsons says:

Keep it up guys! Looking forward to checking out the brewery when its opened!

11 seconds ago

Greg Thompson says:

Another great local brewery is always good.

39 seconds ago


Spencer Oswald


Spencer has been neck deep in beer for a long time (he may have even consumed some along the way...shhh). An award winning home brewer, he's been at it for the last decade, and is willing to tackle any beer project that comes along. Spencer's been busy experimenting with original recipes, recreating much loved classic styles, and generally loving everything about craft beer. An electrician by trade, he hasn't let that interfere with his learning everything he can about the art of brewing...

Rhys Oswald


As Omen Brewing's President and Assistant Brew Master, Rhys is always working to ensure we are putting our best foot forward. He's been brewing for the last decade or so, and is always eager to tackle a new style or brewing technique. A driving force in getting Omen Brewing off of the drawing board and into the brewery, his stubbornness and never quit attitude has helped keep things moving forward.. An electrician by trade, Rhys has been instrumental in the physical construction and maint...

Andrew Oswald


Andrew is the only member of the crew who isn't a tradesman. With expertise pushing paper, he's been instrumental in getting licensing in place and ensuring all requirements are met. Working closely with all necessary regulatory bodies, Andrew looks after the things that the rest of the team would rather not touch. Although he prefers to remain behind the scenes, Andrew is an integral part of the Omen team, and we'd certainly be lost without him.

Tony Oswald


A key member of the Omen team, Tony is the guy who keeps everyone else in line. Also known as Dad... because he literally is our dad... Tony ends up wearing many different hats. From head custodian, to shipping and receiving, purchasing, and even sometimes conflict referee (we are a group of brothers after all), Omen would have never gotten this far without him. An electrician by trade, Tony's vast experience with purchasing and sourcing equipment has proven extremely valuable to Omen Brew...

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*Please note: All purchases will be available for pickup at the brewery on or around Dec 15, 2018, we will notify you once they are available for pickup. If required, delivery within Edmonton can be provided at no cost, however delivery outside of Edmonton will be extra.  Thank you for your support!