Stashii | Community-Based Storage

by Ismail Attitalla

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Nov 21, 2016


Jan 05, 2017




Stashii | Community-Based Storage

by Ismail Attitalla in Edmonton

Business Plan

What is Stashii?

Stashii is a peer-to-peer storage marketplace. We help people earn extra money by connecting those with spare space to their peers in need of storage.

How it Works?

Stashii provides a simple platform to convert your available storage space into available space to rent ( Simply post the storage size available and price to start obtaining users. Once a user decides to rent from you, Stashii will facilitate the transaction between both parties.

List Your Space: Listing your space is fast, free and easy. The rules and price of your storage space are completely set by you.

Communicate: Easily exchange messages on Stashii without giving out your private information. This way, you can ask and answer questions prior to any bookings.

Get Paid: No need to deal with cash, Stashii provides the convenience of online payment via any major credit card.


Why join Stashii?

Storage Provider: Generate income by providing storage to thousands of users in your area. Easily manage your invoicing and bookings.

Storage User: Find and book the best storage space in your area. Schedule, pay and enjoy the benefits of economical, flexible storage solutions.


What will the $3k be used for?

We’re excited to announce that Stashii is completely built and now live with hosts and renters already benefiting on the platform.  With that said, 100% of the funds raised will go towards building awareness.  We plan on building awareness online as well as offline through various popup events.


Why should I help raise awareness?

Stashii is not only the first of its kind in Alberta but the first of its kind in Canada.  The storage industry has worked the same way since the beginning of time.  We want to revolutionize it by making storage and parking more accessible and affordable through a convenient, flexible and economical solution.  By helping us raise awareness, more and more hosts will list their storage and parking space.  In return, this will provide renters with more choices at close proximities.  Plus, more supply means lower prices J 

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Ismail Attitalla


Ismail Attitalla is an experienced entrepreneur who has a string of successful Alberta-based businesses behind him. The mind behind Stashii, Ismail started his first business at the age of 24, and his ventures haven't stopped growing. Passionate about community and an avid follower of new technology, he believes that community can be brought even closer together when the two are married. Ismail prides himself on getting things done and constantly thinking about new and innovative ways to tackle...

Hima Panchal


Hima is a graduate from Nait's web development program. She's agreed to start her tech journey joining her first startup with Stashii.

David Rossolatos


David is an experienced entrepreneur in the home sharing economy who has successfully leveraged his enterprising skills to fund his MSc studies in psychiatry at the University of Alberta. As a passionate mental health advocate he quickly came to recognise that the sharing economy greatly helped in reducing urban isolationism, which tends to affect those without the means to get out of their home or community that often leading to depression.

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