Step up your shave game with Like Grandpa Shave Products

by Ken Kaminski-Raab

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Jun 01, 2016


Jul 16, 2016




Step up your shave game with Like Grandpa Shave Products

by Ken Kaminski-Raab in Edmonton

Business Plan


"Handmade shave products like grandpa always used"

Edmonton based and locally made.

Where it all Began

Like Grandpa started with quite simple beginnings.  The companies co-founder, Ken, was experimenting with all sorts of traditional shave products to aleviate his own razor burn and skin irritation when he decided to develop his own pre-shave oil and after shave balm.  After learning that many of his friends share the same problems, he started giving it away as gifts and samples to anyone who wanted to try.  The feedback was comiing back unanimous that their shave was getting better.  Since then, Like Grandpa has been trying to reach more and more people to help them with their own shave issues. This is where our Boostr story really begins as we push ourselves to bring a handmade product to Alberta shavers that we really are proud of and believe in.

Like Grandpa is driven to helping everyone get a better shave.  We continually strive to produce all natural, handmade products that will allow you to look forward to your regular shave rather than dreading it.  

How You Can Help Make Our Dream a Reality

 Step 1: Place your order for your very own Pre-shave oil, After shave balm, or Beard Oil.  Thank you.  We really appreciate it.

Step 2: Share this campaign with three friends, and ask them to do the same.  Whether they shave or not, they probably know someone who does, and they might want our help.


The Funds and The Plan

Our mission is to really connect with our customers and service their shaving needs.  This is why we want to keep our primary goal focused on providing a high quality product made right here in Alberta, and intereacting face to face whenever we can.  

First, we will order our Containers, Labels, and ingredients so we can actually bring out product to market.

Second, we will purchase some gear so we can come and visit people at various farmers markets around the province.

If we manage to exceed our funding goals, we will focus on website development and getting our products into your local barber shop so it is easier for you to get your Like grandpa products if you want make it to market.


The Story Behind the Name

When Ken was first trying to break into traditional shaving, he was having coffee with his father when he mentioned that he was going to order some single edge shaving gear online.  Ken's father paused, dissapeared for a fear minutes and upon his return came back with a vintage leather dopp kit.  He opened it up and pulled out two of his old safety razors, an old boar hair brush, and a a puck of shave soap.  "You will be shaving like me and your grandpa use to".  Since then, the nastalgia and thought of shaving like our grandfather in a more traditional sense just stuck. 


Thank You!

Follow us on social media or send us an email if you even want to see what we are up to or chat about your own shave.

Thank You so much for taking the time to view our campaign.  



Ken & Keenyn

Like Grandpa 



Comments (1)

Jamie Parker says:

I have been using the sandalwood pre-shave oil and sandalwood after-shave balm since the ATB BoostR pitch event, wow is all I have to say. I am simply hooked. My face is as smooth as butter and smells like freshly cut wood👌! Thanks so much Ken!

4 seconds ago


Ken Kaminski-Raab


Co-founder and Owner, Ken was the one who wanted to launch Like Grandpa from personal journey of shave improvement to a movement of helping others with their shave issues. You can usually find him in the river valley training for his next triathlon , catching the Blue Jays game, or building something in the garage.

Keenyn Bijou


The other half of the initial Like Grandpa Equation, Keenyn is the other co-funder, Director of Social Media and Marketing, and plays a big role in procurement. Relating the company mission, and connecting with locals, Keenyn continues to drive the message that we are here to help you step up your shave game. Die hard Oiler fan, and lover of all things Edmonton, Keenyn can't be kept off the soccer field at any point of the year.

Brian Haydey


Videographer and Digital Media Specialist. Brian is the mastermind behind our crowdfunding video and other promotional videos. A Rembrandt behind the lens, there is never a dull moment when shooting with this guy. Not to mention a glove hand that can't be beat, Brian is a solid goaltender on the ice and an even better new dad.

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