Women of Wonder Art Show & Fundraiser by Stephanie Hoogveld

by Stephanie Hoogveld info@stephaniehoogveld.com

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Feb 01, 2019


Feb 28, 2019




Women of Wonder Art Show & Fundraiser by Stephanie Hoogveld

by Stephanie Hoogveld in Calgary

Business Plan

Hi, I’m Stephanie Hoogveld! I create large vibrant oil paintings that celebrate memories that are treasured for generations. I also paint for positive change right here in Calgary!


I am delighted to invite you to help support my first solo art show and fundraiser titled Women of Wonder. In honour of my mother who passed away to Leukemia, I will be creating a collection of 15 oil paintings featuring the portraits and stories of women of wonder who are doing incredible things in their personal life, community and/or industry.


I’ve decided to work with ATB BoostR because my number one goal is to paint for positive change. My aim is to build community and awareness around causes that are close to my heart. With an effort to bring awareness to Women of Wonder, I have partnered with The Ace Class, a Canadian media and events company designed to support and connect women. Working together, we will host an unforgettable experience celebrating women who have found their wow factor and those just at the beginning of their journey. The Ace Class and I believe that all women are incredible, but some may need a little extra help chasing their dreams. This is why we are donating 10% of the proceeds from The WOW Art Show to The High Banks Society, a non profit organization providing affordable housing and a nurturing community where young mothers and families can learn and grow.


In order to fund this one of a kind art show and fundraiser, I am hoping to raise $5000 during my BoostR campaign, by offering exclusive rewards that showcase The WOW collection of paintings, custom paintings by Stephanie Hoogveld and rewards from The Ace Class. Your support will help cover the cost of art supplies, display and lighting equipment, venue space rental, food and beverage, entertainment, etc. The more money we can raise, the more money that will be donated from the show to The High Banks Society!!!


Stephanie Hoogveld and The Ace Class are joining forces to host a one of a kind Art Show and Fundraiser celebrating women who are conquering their dreams. On June 8th, 2019 you are invited to an "Babes Who Bring It" evening full of live entertainment, keynote speakers, food and drink and an art show featuring artwork by Stephanie Hoogveld. The collection of paintings will showcase the "wow" factor of 15 Women of Wonder who are doing incredible things in their personal life, community and/or industry. This will mark Stephanie's first solo art show and will add to her collection of paintings for positive change. Please help Stephanie Hoogveld continue to make a difference in her community through art as she donates 10% of the proceeds to The High Banks Society. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Comments (34)

Laura McIntyre says:

Great work Steph xo

37 seconds ago

David La Rocque says:

Amazing job Steph!

48 seconds ago

Betty-Lou Elofson says:

I can't wait to have my print!

58 seconds ago

Rob Owen says:

Congrats Stephanie! We are all so proud of the work you have done with this. Way to go!

49 seconds ago

Tayah Almond says:


24 seconds ago

Kimberly Gray says:

Way to go, Steph! You are such a gem. Love, Kim and Jay

7 seconds ago

Shannon Steeves says:

This is amazing, keep up the great work Steph!! xo

12 seconds ago

Robert Nixon says:

Great work, Stephanie!

42 seconds ago

Marilyn Ritchie says:

So glad to call you friend,... hugs Leonka

9 seconds ago

Lisa Gaumont says:

Proud of you!

35 seconds ago

Chad Himmelspach says:

Good Luck Steph!

46 seconds ago

Jessica Moody says:

Keep up your inspiring work Stephanie!!

45 seconds ago

Diane Strain says:

Good Luck Stephanie

42 seconds ago

Lindsay Toohey says:

Beautiful work Steph!

39 seconds ago

Meghan Hilderman says:

So awesome!!! So happy you made your goal! I hope it blows up this weekend - such a cool idea and project!

26 seconds ago

Claire Owens says:

Love all of the things you are doing Steph!!! Congrats on this exciting chapter.

4 seconds ago

David Duttchen says:


55 seconds ago

JOHN Homan says:

Good luck

39 seconds ago

Jordan Balaban says:

This is awesome Steph!! Looking forward to hearing more about the show!

38 seconds ago

Alanna Husch says:

Proud of you! Shining the spotlight of women making a difference in their careers and communities is so great.

20 seconds ago

Rosemary Moran says:

Keep up the good work Stephanie!! Love Aunty Rosey xo

39 seconds ago

Philip Hansen says:


14 seconds ago

Bryce Pettit says:

Best of luck with all you are doing!

5 seconds ago

Robert Hoogveld says:

Love the effort

34 seconds ago

Lancette Burton says:

Good luck on this wonderful campaign Stephanie. This is a great idea and I love your community spirit and your beautiful art.

46 seconds ago

Symone Sheane says:

What Steph is doing is amazing. Painting for positive change embodies everything that she is about and who she is as a person.

56 seconds ago

Rick Jocson says:

Love everything about this campaign!! Congrats Stephanie.

50 seconds ago

Tracy Persson says:

Beautiful project!

6 seconds ago

Amber Griffith says:

You rock Steph!

24 seconds ago

Michelle Cullen says:

Amazing work Steph x

37 seconds ago

Julie Topp says:

Amazing and so generous, as always, Steph. i am looking forward to seeing the final show!

6 seconds ago

Bert Lockhart says:

Building community through artwork is a beautiful idea!

8 seconds ago

Jade Blackhurst says:

Keep changing the world Steph!! We are proud of you. Love, Jade & Noah

38 seconds ago

Mandy Balak says:

YOU are a woman of wonder. Keep up the amazing work lady xx

38 minutes ago


Stephanie Hoogveld


Hi, I’m Stephanie! I create large, vibrant oil paintings celebrating memories that are treasured for generations. I also paint for positive change right here in Calgary. My style is best described by large, distinctive brushstrokes on large-scale canvases as a way to express the larger-than-life feeling I get from the beauty that surrounds us in Canada. I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and my life has been full of very happy memories. I have been fortunate to be surround...

Mandy Balak


Mandy Balak is the Founder and CEO of The Ace Class, a Canadian media and events company rooted in its vision to create a world where women can thrive together. In a world full of curated images, a growing amount of time spent on social media comparing ourselves to others, and a lack of valuable face-to-face connection, Mandy created The Ace Class to allow women the space to experience vulnerable and real conversations, to build community and to get the support they need to grow and thrive. ACE...

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