Theoretically Brewing's Neighbourhood Beer Garden

by Kelti Baird

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Mar 06, 2018


Apr 20, 2018




Theoretically Brewing's Neighbourhood Beer Garden

by Kelti Baird in Lethbridge

Business Plan

The Concept: 

Lethbridge lacks a year-round, accessible, out-door venue for small or medium-sized private and public events. Our pocket parking lot can provide! Surrounded on 3 sides by buildings, we are seeking to create an outdoor space to be enjoyed in the summer time, or year-round! The Patio will be a community-focussed initiative, and will be accessible to community groups, non-profits, and associations wanting to host fund-raisers, awareness campaigns, classes, and markets. Between events, it will provide a casual hang-out spot, and transform the neighborhood into an incredible place to relax with friends. 

The space will host events through multi-venue arts and music festivals in the summer, be available for private lease in the shoulder seasons, and even host mid-winter beer-related events! When not packed with concert-goers, the patio will be available for relaxed daily use, outdoor brewing classes, and so much more. 

The Partners: 

Theoretically Brewing is proud to partner with local concert and event planning committees to bring in a wide-range of entertainment for all audiences. We are proud to be a community-focussed brewery with many excellent partnerships already established! Of course, we also look forward to growing our partnerships and welcome every opportunity to do so!

The Timeline:

With your  help we can be up and running for the 2018 summer season! We are looking to purchase equipment and furniture for the outdoor space, perform minor renovations, and increase the accessibility of the space from our interior! As the weather warms up we will be able to make purchases for outdoor furniture from local producers, and provide a beautiful space for relaxing and hanging out! Evenings will be booked with local talent and encourage participation in local music, food, and culture.



Comments (45)

Kelti Baird says:

Shannon & Ziggy

32 seconds ago

Kelti Baird says:

Another 10 for Pirate Jen for beaker buddy!

23 seconds ago

Kelti Baird says:

From Melissa Fry

11 seconds ago

Kelti Baird says:

From Pirate Jen

47 minutes ago

Kathleen Sawisky says:

Day lilies are the worst city beautification choice possible for obvious reasons. Do not plant day lilies.

49 seconds ago

Petra Klempnauer says:

Looking forward to sit on the patio :)

10 seconds ago

Kristina Larkin says:

Go Theoretically!

55 seconds ago

Kayla Glynn says:

Patios Beers! Cheers from Khaos Conditioning!

50 seconds ago

Jocelyne Duerksen says:

Best beer in Alberta. Do not ship anything, if that is an option, I will pick up in person (what a hardship to sit an sip your beer in the comfort of your establishment😉)

17 seconds ago

Natasha Fairweather says:

I need this patio in my life.

13 seconds ago

Tim Romanow says:

Good luck! Almost there!!

46 seconds ago

Lethbridge Medieval Club says:

The Members of the Lethbridge Medieval Club are happy to support this business and the beautiful patio!

57 seconds ago

Mary-Anne McTrowe says:

Woo-hoo! Can't wait for this patio!

3 seconds ago

Heather Wozney says:

Looking forward to it. You guys do great work!

36 seconds ago

Windy West says:

Windy West RC Club is looking forward to the patio!

27 seconds ago

Bobbie Fox says:

Hope this happens for you Kelti and Kris!

40 seconds ago

kari sackney says:

Can't wait to sip on the patio!

59 seconds ago

Cris Robinson says:

We hope you reach your goal!! Would be so great for our neighbourhood!! - from the girls at Purple Carrot

38 seconds ago

Tseten Drawu says:

You are an awesome part of the community! Looking forward to the patio :)

4 seconds ago

Curtis Goodman says:

Looking forward to the new patio! Thanks for brewing great beer :)

28 seconds ago

Liz Lepper says:


25 seconds ago

Ginger Arthur says:

You guys are awesome! Thank you for being in business here in Lethbridge

57 seconds ago

Melissa Watt says:

We know and love Theoretically Brewing, and are so happy to contribute to making their space even more amazing!

45 seconds ago

Steve Welliver says:

Great work!

8 seconds ago

Karen Willms says:

You are both so fantastic and UNSTOPPABLE!

13 seconds ago

Jane Edmundson says:

Super cool idea!

14 seconds ago

ATB BoostR says:

You rocked it on stage Kelti & Kris! Another step closer to your goal. ATB BoostR team

30 minutes ago

Cameron Waller says:

If I could, I would give even more! <3

48 seconds ago

Sean with CanKeg says:

Happy to support a great brewery!

23 seconds ago

Louise Zieffle says:

Looking forward to sitting on your patio.

50 seconds ago

Kathleen Sawisky says:

Go get em, sis!

41 seconds ago

Marvin Slingerland says:

Looking forward to a great MNP employee get together at the brewery...

22 seconds ago

Kelly Bowers says:

Can't wait to see a plain parking lot transformed into a lively vibrant patio.

45 seconds ago

Chelsea Sherbut says:

Fabulous idea. Can't wait for our first outdoor Bee Club meeting :D

45 seconds ago

Melissa Johnson says:

Cannot wait for patio season at Theoretically!

40 seconds ago

Emily Wilton says:

So happy to support a great brewery!

42 seconds ago

Jonathan Ruzek says:

Go Kelti and company! Your beers are the smartest around and I'd love to enjoy them on your patio, especially after a nice "Pints & Poses yoga session! ;)

23 seconds ago

Larin Guenther says:

You guys got this!

24 seconds ago

Bobbi Cullum says:

So excited about this...thanks for the opportunity to buy my way onto the Brewing Science Wall-of-Fame!

21 seconds ago

Mocha Cabana says:

We at Mocha Cabana love your beer and your business, we wish you success with this campaign.

19 seconds ago

Jordan Scherger says:

Live concerts & beer in the summer would be excellent.

52 seconds ago

Nicole Lalonde says:

Good luck! Love you guys!

51 seconds ago

Erin Smith says:

Your beer is great, and this idea is great! Can't wait to being everyone to your new patio!

8 seconds ago

Paige McGeorge says:

Super idea!

15 seconds ago

Kelti Baird says:

Can't wait to see this amazing idea become a reality!

36 seconds ago


Kel Baird


Our Managing Owner & Founding Partner Kel is also one of our brew team! She knows the biz inside and out - runs all the books, clients, human resources, marketing, advertising and sales! On top of that, she can often be found on the brew floor making beer, tasting beer (she calls it quality control), and making sure operations run smoothly! Kel graduated the University of Lethbridge in 2012 with a degree in History, and had the crazy idea to start a brewery here in Lethbridge! She was raised ...

Kris Fischer


Kris is our Founding Owner and Brew-Master and is responsible for all those great-tasting ales! In addition to all his brewery duties (janitor, councillor, technician, genius, quality-controller, researcher, and chemist), Kris works at the University of Lethbridge as the Chemistry Technician and scientific glass blower! In his spare time, Kris enjoys medieval fighting, video games, and making his own armour in his black-smith shop. Kris was born and raised in Coaldale, Alberta, and has shared...

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