Experience fresh, flavourful and functional ingredients.

by Aga Wajda-Plytta hello@herbologie.ca

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Feb 01, 2019


Feb 28, 2019




Experience fresh, flavourful and functional ingredients.

by Aga Wajda-Plytta in Edmonton

Business Plan

My name is Aga, the founder and creator of Herbologie. I am excited to share our journey with you, how far we have come and how far we can go! With an education in herbalism, a passion for outdoor living and a personal alignment with emerging culinary trends, for me, spices and herbs are the intersection of wellness and culinary experience. This is why I chose to start Herbologie, to redefine how we experience spices and to complement daily lifestyle. We are not just a brand, but a lifestyle company that strives to inspire, challenge and evolve. 

Herbologie is a Canadian herb and spice company, seeking to define novel ways to enhance culinary experiences through the integration of herbs and spices while celebrating their naturally occuring wellness properties. We are focussed on building a deeper understanding and connection to our food, to empower individuals and to rethink the traceability and use of our ingredients.

The emerging need in supply transparency and the significant interest in personal well-being, I recognized a creative solution. 


Herbologie acknowledges the farmers, the land and the origins of which all herbs and spices come from to provide you with the opportunity to enhance all of your culinary experiences with exceptional ingredients. From our individual spices to our botanical blends, each product is carefully crafted for the best quality and flavour in mind. I take inspiration from the origins of herbs and spices, fellow herbalists and the innovations within the food industry to showcase history, tradition and terroir-driven flavours.

Aligning with other social movements, my intention is to show where herbs and spices come from and how to actively participate in the enjoyment and experience of flavour. People, like yourself, are paying attention to the products you buy, demanding environmentally sustainable and ethical sourcing of goods. The responsible consumerism movement is gaining momentum and market research shows that traceability is a high priority. Today, much of the spice trade is convoluted and outdated, and the integration of herbs and spices lacks education.

You care about exceptional ingredients and appreciate the story I hope to tell, and we hope to provide you with the characteristic flavours and wellness of herbs and spices. Our customers lead the way in introducing and experimenting with cuisine and so we appreciate the simplicity in complementing your cooking practices and daily routine. 

Herbologie draws attention to origin and defines novel ways to incorporate herbs and spices. From our retail products to our food service partners, we hope to enhance your culinary experiences.

Why Crowdfunding?

We have the connections but now we want to foster stronger relationships. This is with our partner farms and ethical suppliers, while increasing our reach into retailers and food service within Alberta and Canada. 

We want to invest into Herbologie’s production and product innovation, which will continue to enhance your culinary experiences.  

With this I strive to complement more kitchens with exceptional ingredients, which focus on transparency, quality and wellness hoping to impact our food, our well-being and our community. 

I thank you so much for your support!


Comments (27)

Hanna Wajda says:

Excited for the catered breakfast and to watch your spice sourcing journey!

30 seconds ago

Kinia Romanowska says:

Great business!

7 seconds ago

Leona Watson says:

I learned about you through my good friend Andrew Rosychuk's instagram story! How amazing is this! I'm thrilled and exited to be supporting your business! You go girl!

43 seconds ago

Rachel Prins says:

Way to go Ag!! So excited for you :)

12 seconds ago

Cara Shan says:

Hey guys, doing good work. Grow on.

45 seconds ago

Carrie Carbol-Ritcey says:

This is so exciting Aga! I can’t wait to try out the new spice releases and I just know that the T-shirt will be a favourite. Best of luck with your campaign!

13 seconds ago

Amy Burkholder says:

Great work girl! Watching closely to see you hit that target!

30 seconds ago

Priya Handa says:

Best of luck on your campaign!

8 seconds ago

Brendan Gluth says:

Love your stuff! Hope this campaign helps you take off.

2 seconds ago

Carolyn Dickson says:

WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Go Herbologie!!!!!!!!!!

36 seconds ago

Amanda VanYEG says:

Really love what you are doing! I had the opportunity to try some of your products at a Get Cooking event.

22 seconds ago

Michael Kreuzer says:

I am really excited to hear about this campaign Aga! I really want to wish you the best of luck in the continued growth of your business and I'm looking forward to seeing you again at next year's Grand Market!

5 seconds ago

Cindy Lazarenko says:

Love your products! Happy to give you a "boost"

6 seconds ago

Jiyun Chung says:

This is from both me and Michael. Great job with all this! So impressed!!

13 seconds ago

Wally Qiu says:


51 seconds ago

Sonia Lovely says:

Wishing you great success!

43 seconds ago

Hanna Wajda says:

Love this company!

16 seconds ago

Heather Davis says:

Great video and love what your product stands for! Go Herbologie. - Ps. Will figure out drop off/pick up location with you once campaign is over.

21 seconds ago

Bret Prins says:

You got this!

44 seconds ago

Jessica Dodds says:

Amazing mindful products. Best of luck!

57 seconds ago

Rav Flora says:

Hope you reach your goal Agnes!! ♥️♥️♥️

27 seconds ago

Taisa Ference says:

Good luck!

50 minutes ago

Will Gluth says:


51 seconds ago

Matt Stewart says:

Great work Aga!

34 seconds ago

Scott Campbell says:

Greg Bosse sent me here!

40 seconds ago

Nicole Ruptash says:

Awesome products!! You will be crushing your goal in no time :) Cheers!

37 seconds ago

Greg Bosse says:

Keep up the amazing work Aga! I love your products!

35 seconds ago


Aga Wajda-Plytta


As the founder of Herbologie and main curator of all products and recipes, it is important to Aga to share the intent & simplicity of herbs and spices as an easy addition to any lifestyle or culinary experience.

Will Gluth


As the brains and creative behind Herbologie's brand and the main taste tester for Aga’s creations, Will helps make Herbologie look and taste good.

Lupe :adventure enthusiast


Meet Lupe. He keeps up with every adventure we take, whether its hiking the Rockies or back-country camping. The most snuggly member of Herbologie.

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Thank you!!! It has been a wicked time and we are down to the last 9 days of our campaign. Watch for the release of a new reward!!


We have about two more weeks to go and will be releasing a new reward this week! Stay tuned!


Thank you everyone for making the first couple days amazing!!!