Nadine's Fresh Food Scene: Grow it - Eat it - Live it

by Nadine Stielow

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Oct 13, 2017


Nov 27, 2017




Nadine's Fresh Food Scene: Grow it - Eat it - Live it

by Nadine Stielow in Bruderheim

Business Plan

We have incredible partners involved in our campaign that are near and dear to our hearts. They are all local family businesses that just also happen to be some of Nadine’s FAVORITE things. Enjoy!


Thiel’s Greenhouses in east central Alberta is a one acre production and retail facility owned and operated by Nadine Stielow. Formerly a Respiratory Therapist of 20 years, Nadine bought the business in 2010 with an entrepreneurial vision for change and growth. The greenhouse team proudly offers the best in all things green while continually seeking to innovate, improve efficiency and grow conscientiously for the end consumer by learning and utilizing the latest in production methods. As owner and head grower, Nadine includes an integrated pest management (IPM) program that emphasizes using biocontrol instead of harmful chemicals. She is committed to using good bugs to take out the bad ones and is on a constant quest to learn, teach, share and promote growing clean.

With two seasonal retail locations and several wholesale vendors, Thiel's Greenhouses strive to provide a destination for horticultural knowledge, education, community events, and volunteer initiatives. Nadine strongly believes that community partnerships and local business go hand in hand, in thriving communities. Supporting each other is the key to success.


The next new venture for Nadine and the greenhouse team is well underway. Growing flowers and bedding plants will remain part of what they do best - plants provide joy, beauty and an endless summer supply of homegrown goodness - but now Nadine envisions the path to expanding her business lies in fresh food production - to grow greens and herbs for the local food market - to provide a healthy option that is accessible to more Albertans. Nadine and her family live and love the rural life on their 6th generation farm, so it comes as no surprise that this next venture is truly a calling – her entrepreneurial and life’s passion.


In order to expand into growing fresh local food, they need the hydroponic system to do it. The goal is to raise a minimum of $25,000. The greenhouse space is almost ready to go, and now Nadine needs the equipment to make this venture FLY. The cost of this initiative is a significant one-time expenditure with part of the funds coming from this campaign. It would turn the business from a 6 month seasonal operation to a year round facility that also boosts to the area's economy and services.

Why crowdfund? It offers a means for the whole community to get involved with a new project. It engages excitement and enthusiasm as partners work together to accomplish a goal. It highlights local area businesses and services - and the best part about the ATB BoostR campaign, when you boost, you receive a reward. That's win, win. Supporters get value for their dollar, a local business has opportunity for growth and the greater community of business and customers support each other.

Being avid supporters of the 'buy local' movement, the greenhouse team understand that it's important for families, just like their own, to know where their food is coming from. They have expertise and the space to do this, but now need your support in expanding into this next growing scene. Please join the campaign!

THE GROWING APPRECIATION: A personal note from Nadine:

Although the name of the campaign and project is "Nadine's Fresh Food Scene" it most certainly is a group effort. It takes a whole lot of love, sweat and tears to pull together anything big and worthwhile.

So you may picture me doing this all by myself. For sure I'm the public face of my business, and in most circumstances the driver of the day to day operations. However, the reality is that there are so many wonderful family, friends, colleagues, and supporters that embrace and believe in what I do on my little piece of this Earth. I am truly humbled and grateful. You know who you are. BIG hugs and THANK YOU.

Let's grow some fresh food!

Comments (40)

Alice Orchard says:

Looking forward to eating some locally grown greens!

36 seconds ago

Allison Anderson says:

Way to go Lady! So proud of your success!

27 seconds ago

Geoff Wood says:

Almost at the finish line with only hour to go! Fantastic effort.

29 seconds ago

Dustin & Anna Morton says:

HURRAY! We're so proud of you!

1 seconds ago

Stacy Westman says:

Can't wait to see it all come together!

11 seconds ago

Jason Andersen says:

Go Nadine! Go!!!

41 seconds ago

Heather Boonstra says:

So happy to contribute to this awesome campaign! Good luck Nadine!

3 seconds ago

Laura Rumohr says:

Best of luck to you and your team Nadine!! Looking forward to following your fabulous food growing adventure!!

22 seconds ago

Kevin D. Kisilevich says:

We are pleased to help support this culinary venture east of Edmonton.

51 seconds ago

Jolene Kisilevich says:

Goodluck on your exciting venture Nadine!

49 seconds ago

Jodi Robertshaw says:

So awesome!!

16 seconds ago

Janice McGrath says:

Fresh Food, Locally Grown ! Can it get any better than that ! Love what you do Deanie, look forward to seeing all the new greens in their ponds !

32 seconds ago

Stacey Bomak says:

Looking forward to some great greens!

21 seconds ago

April Kliachik says:

I'm really excited to see this initiative in Alberta, great work Nadine and team!

53 seconds ago

Kellie Jackson says:

Great to see you grow!

27 minutes ago

Ashley Welter says:

Go Dini Go!! Great Initiative!

19 seconds ago

Nicola Kannegiesser says:

This is so amazing cant wait for Spring!

45 seconds ago

Terry Stacey says:

Nadine, can't wait to see your dream come true.

48 seconds ago

Sandi Maschmeyer says:

Love shopping at the greenhouse

56 seconds ago

Stew Hennig says:

Great idea. Hope everyone gets on board.

15 seconds ago

Tracey Hickey says:

You are an inspiration to many people that are thinking about starting a business and realizing that they CAN do it! Do, or do not, there is no try! - Yoda

38 seconds ago

Dan Gould says:

Best of luck Nadine! We believe in you.

13 seconds ago

Bob Stielow says:

What a great idea for our Power Equipment Centre Christmas party!

42 seconds ago

Karl Hauch says:

Great I initiative, fabulous organization.

24 seconds ago

Patty Podoborozny says:

It is an absolute pleasure to support Thiels Greenhouse on this next business opportunity! Thiels is committed to customer care and high quality products. Proven community commitment will be the key to their continued growth and success for years to come.

11 seconds ago


BIG SALAD! I'll be looking for some inspirational words for the code Malcolm. :) Let's keep this a secret from Angie.

3 seconds ago

Andrew Rosychuk says:

Saw you at this year's Alberta Farm Fresh Conference. Love what your doing

38 seconds ago

Trudy Harrold says:

This is an amazing initiative! Best of luck going forward with it!

40 seconds ago

Sherry Cote says:

Congratulations on this new initiative and we wish you all the best.

7 seconds ago

Cathy Goulet says:

Nadine is a truly talented entrepreneur and a smart, smart business person. Her product line is amazing and she and her staff are knowledgeable. Congrats on this campaign. Great concept.

10 seconds ago

Michelle Wright says:

Great idea Nadine! Good luck!

24 seconds ago

Lin Zurawell says:

Good Luck on your endeavour! What a fabulous idea!

32 seconds ago

Jessica Littlewood says:

Thanks for showing girls the strength of women in business!

55 seconds ago

Cindy Lain-Houghton says:


9 seconds ago

Terry Folkers says:

Way to go Nadine great vision from The staff at HJS Wholesale

50 seconds ago

Amy Johnston says:

Good Luck Nadine! I will spread the word. LOVE LOVE LOVE your passion! :)

39 seconds ago

Angie Galloway says:

You and your GREENS are amazing!💖

4 seconds ago

Colette and Ken Stewart says:

Your vision, enthusiasm, energy, and passion are infectious! Best of luck my friend!

14 seconds ago

Shirley Alton says:

This no doubt will be another successful venture for an enterprising Family. Here’s to good nutritious food.

3 minutes ago

Alana Seymour says:

Good luck Nadine! Your passion is very contagious you are an inspiration for many :)

1 seconds ago


Nadine Stielow


Nadine is an Alberta rural girl living with her husband on their 6th generation family farm. Her passion is horticulture. An entrepreneurial drive led her to purchase Thiel's Greenhouses in 2010, embracing the challenge of starting a new career as a ‘Greenhouser’. In 2014 Nadine was awarded the AGGA Greenhouse Grower of the Year for her enterprising spirit and business growth. In 2016 she was honored with the Fort Saskatchewan International Women's Day award for Business & Entrepreneurship. Nad...

Malcolm Stielow


When Malcolm isn't busy as the Brand Manager for Thiel's Greenhouses, or working toward his Masters at the University of Alberta, he is an independent designer metalsmith. He produces heirloom quality handmade custom jewellery and accessories for sale through his online store With a B.FA in Jewellery + Metals, and years of hands-on experience, he has developed a wide array of skills that are invaluable to the Thiel's Greenhouses team.

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