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Aug 13, 2018


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by Pinnovate DIY Studio in Calgary

Business Plan

Pinnovate opened it's doors on June 27th, 2017 in hopes of fulfilling a need for artistic amenities in the suburbs. Our goal was to open a creative space where families, friends and couples could come together and enjoy a downtown experience in their local surroundings. We offer over 60 DIY projects which anyone can create and customize during our business hours. Pinnovate supplies all materials, instruction and expertise along with a wall of embellishments to customize each project. Our space also has a splatter paint room for guests of all ages to drop in and create a messy masterpiece! 

Pinnovate is the only DIY studio in Canada and is a creative space which allows Pinterest dreams to come to life! Imagine creating your project without a mess in your home, mulitple shopping trips and various YouTube videos; Pinnovate has eliminated all the hassels and inconviences of crafting! Along with this we also have a restaurant and bar component enabling us to host date-nights, weekday adult crafting workshops, corporate events and bridal showers. 

Two days a week Pinnovate, is closed to the public to allow us to have exclusive time for our children's art programming. We have successfully created our Littles’ Arts University (LAU) program, which has been sold out since September of 2017. Each session is eight weeks and is broken into three class groups (ranging from ages 5-15). Our resident artists teach our students about different art history figures, while creating DIY and art projects reflecting a variety of mediums they have learned.

Our concept began as a community space to come together to create something amazing while enjoying good food, a glass of wine and great company. However, as we started to develop our business, we realized the gaps in regards to children's artistic programming in our city. This allowed us an opportunity to create LAU, and introduce an educational aspect to our studio space. With our resources, we have the capability to host special needs groups, seniors and teams who would not be able to have a similar experience elsewhere.

We are a community-focused business and have made it a priority to support Calgarians in the arts. All of our studio wood is cut, prepared and supplied from a local retiree who is a passionate woodsmith. The multiple ACAD graduates who we employee, have shown us the need for career opportunities in areas which enables them to utilize their education. We also partner with other local businesses to fill our food and drink program. Supporting our Calgary economy is an integral part of our business plan.

Our future growth and dreams for this BoostR campaign include the creation of ‘Pinnovate on the Go’! Having mobile capability would allow us to take our DIY activities, workshops and LAU program to special needs organizations, schools and assisted living facilities. We would love the opportunity to help Calgarians who otherwise would not have the opportunity to visit our studio space. 

We thank you all for your support thus far and we can't wait to see where our journey takes us!

Comments (5)

The Cockers says:

Woo Hoo! Cant wait to come and play in the Splatter Room!!

29 seconds ago

Irene Seto says:

Pinnovate is such a great place for Calgary! Let's make sure everyone can experience the crafting fun.

12 seconds ago

Local Laundry says:

Love you guys!

47 seconds ago

Heather Dagenais says:

Way to go Kiki!!! See you at Pinnovate & the hockey arena :)

52 seconds ago

Kam Szabo says:

Awesome idea!!

14 seconds ago


Kiki Lally


Kiki is a born and raised YYC girl who came up with the idea for this creative outlet. Her love for creating fun DIY projects snowballed into what is now known as Pinnovate! Frustrated with the lack of innovative and artistic programming in the deep SE area, Kiki decided to take matters into her own hands. The goal was to have a space that would entertain her 3 Littles’, enjoy a good cup of coffee or bottle of wine or enjoy a night out with friends. Along with her amazing team, she has establi...

Chrissy White


Chrissy comes to Pinnovate with a back pocket full of knowledge and experience! Not only is she a graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, she was the owner of a successful photography business for 10 years. She assisted in the inaugural sessions of our Littles’ Arts University as well as in the creation of Pinnovate’s paint party series. You will find Chrissy in studio overseeing the second session of LAU in addition to the planning and organizing of all of our 2018 children’s programmin...

Madelyn Shyba


Madelyn is the newest member of our creative team! Aside from her lengthy artistic background, she also brings a wealth of knowledge in children’s crafting from her time with Michaels. She loves to paint, make floral arrangements and a good retro clothing find! You will find Maddy in studio heading up some fun junior crafts Tuesday mornings for our Littles’ DIY days! She is also teaching our Teen session of our LAU program.

Kari Zurbriggen


Kari comes to Pinnovate as a former business owner, mom of two Littles’ and a master mind for organization! Her experience as a business owner has not only been invaluable but has been fundamental in the success of Pinnovate. Not only is she creative but she has an amazing ability to take her ideas and turn them into fun projects! Kari can often be found in studio dabbling in a little bit of everything from crafts, projects or daily operations!

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