Build Honest Dumplings a Home

by Honest Dumplings

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Jun 14, 2018


Jul 14, 2018




Build Honest Dumplings a Home

by Honest Dumplings in Edmonton

Business Plan

Now, more than ever, people are asking for delicious, healthy and convenient food; Honest Dumplings Chinese-style, restaurant-quality frozen dumplings are just that. To meet this demand and share our delicious products with as many people as possible we need a dedicated production facility and we want your help to build it.

Having our own kitchen is a huge step up for us, not just for production but to perfect the recipes for new, innovative flavours which our customers will love. In addition to a full-featured production line and test kitchen we are building out a front-end retail space to sell our dumplings as well as other terrific local food which you will not find elsewhere.

But we're building more than just a test kitchen or manufacturing facility or retail space; we are building Alberta's first food business development platform. Our platform will provide emerging food businesses a comprehensive suite of resources, facilities, and expertise to speed up their development and help them address the challenges of becoming a successful food business.

Why are we doing all this? Because we love food and all the joy it brings. Because we want to help other people realize their dream of having a successful food business. Because we want to build a culture of food that cherishes local ingredients and producers, that respects its customers and provides for the people who grow, process, and produce the food we eat.

To get in touch with Honest Dumplings please visit

Comments (21)

Jessie Radies says:

Northalnds is super excited to support this campaign and can not wait for the dumpling party!!

20 seconds ago

Perry Kinkaide says:

I have known the leaders of this enterprise for several years - passionate, intelligent, market minded, and never quit mentality!

9 seconds ago

Stuart Muir says:

You’ve got this!

16 seconds ago

Ashlyn Bernier says:

Good luck Chris and Ray!

18 seconds ago

Grant Hunter says:

Way to go! I am excited to see a craft food scene grow in Edmonton.

45 seconds ago

Crystal Lee says:

I'm super excited to hear that you're growing. Best of luck. I hope you reach your goal. I can't wait for these monthly limited edition dumplings!

15 seconds ago

Ryan Hazlett says:

Good luck changing the food world for the better!

46 seconds ago

Cassandra Thew says:

So happy to see your business growing and I'm delighted to be part of the dumpling club!!

42 seconds ago

Liane Faulder says:

All the best with this campaign, Honest Dumplings team!

27 seconds ago

Shay Barker says:

Best of luck and can't wait to see you around Edmonton shops and restaurants more!

26 seconds ago

Patricia Nagel says:

Your space sounds amazing! Just saw the news segment - good luck!!

45 seconds ago

Tracy Pein says:

I think you are both Fabulous!!!

27 seconds ago

Sherry Angus says:

Wishing all the best towards your new ventures. Can't wait to see what's coming next!

12 seconds ago

Warren Johnston says:

Chris and Ray are two truly amazing people. Their products and their vision for changing the way people eat and changing the way we approach building new food product companies in the province is incredible and they deserve every available support. I wish them the best and look forward to chowing down on some delicious dumplings very soon!

38 seconds ago

Britt Whalen says:

You got this!

25 seconds ago

Yvonne Irnich says:

Good luck with the campaign, guys !

43 seconds ago

Bradley Poulette says:

Good luck, team!

38 seconds ago

Kyly Thurlow says:

So excited to help this amazing business out. Best damn dumplings I have ever eaten!

7 seconds ago

Amy Wilkie says:

I absolutely love your product, I have shared my love with many friends and now we are all hooked! Best dumpling I have ever had :) I wish my poor student budget would allow me to help you more monetarily. For now, I will continue to spread my love for Honest Dumplings!

5 seconds ago

Brittany Olinek says:

Congrats & Good Luck! - Tiffany & Brittany

11 seconds ago

Motiejus Osipovas says:

Hey Chris - We're rooting for you!

59 seconds ago


Leslie Bush


Leslie is a founder of the Edmonton Tool Library, treasurer of The Local Good, co-curator of the (almost) award winning Secret Alley Gallery, and dozens of other community building initiatives. His experience in federal and provincial governments, pharmaceutical manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and retail demonstrate his versatility and adaptability. He's an active advocate for a universally accessible, safe, and comfortable city where people are free to find their passion and able to ...

Ray Ma


Ray is the inspiration and the brains behind all of Honest Dumplings our products and is in charge of production. Originally from China, a country with a long history of culinary arts, Ray is passionate about exploring good food. After living in Canada for more than seven years, she has developed a strong interest in health food. During this time she has been practicing and teaching yoga, where she has been inspired by a variety of people and information related to the health food industry. She...

Chris Lerohl


Chris is the business development and strategic lead for Honest Dumplings. Chris was previously the Business Development (BD) Manager at TEC Edmonton where he managed the BD team and developed the UA Solve program. His role supported entrepreneurs in both business development and technology development. His strengths include: strategic analysis, people management, identifying market opportunities, analyzing the strength of new technologies and helping to determine the best commercialization str...

Allen Yee


Allen brings 30 years of experience as a technology change agent, combined with operational and business development. He was part of the original team that commercialized a new specialty food format that became Baby Gourmet Foods. Baby Gourmet is now the category sales leader in Canada. Allen spent 12 years with Alberta Transportation within geomatics technology research and development and systems planning. Allen also spent 11 years at Intuit Canada from its early days to when it became the le...

Genia Rodnyansky


Genia obtained her Chartered Accountant designation with Deloitte. There, in her role as Senior Accountant, she provided assurance and advisory services for clients in various industries including manufacturing and service. Her passion for culinary arts eventually led her away from accounting. She moved to Paris, France in 2014 to pursue formal pastry schooling. She received her diploma in pastry from Ferrandi, The French School of Culinary Arts. Genia stayed in France for two years, working al...

Erin Lepine


Erin had a lengthy career with Telus as a Business and Technology analyst. She specialized in change management and process improvement programs, while providing technical and mentoring support to an investigation team. With a love for cooking and a desire to join the food industry she joined the Honest Dumplings team. Erin is able to blend her interests and skills bringing business improvement processes, change management and mentorship skills to the kitchen team.

The Team


There are so many more faces behind the Honest Dumplings team! Our dedicated kitchen staff works tirelessly to make sure we always have tasty dumplings for our customers. Our sales staff always greet you with their smiling faces at our market stall. And most importantly, our loyal customers and supporters allow us to do what we love!

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