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Nov 03, 2018


Dec 03, 2018




Cama Cooler

by Chris Kotelmach in Calgary

Business Plan

4 Years ago, I began to suffer from night sweats.  I usually had trouble gettting a great nights sleep all the time, and always had to takea nap around 3pm, but the night sweats were the worst.  I thought there had to be a solution and came up with the first version of the Cama Cooler.  Little did I know that over 40% of Canadians suffer from lack of sleep, and recent science has proven there is a direct link between body temperature, and quality of sleep.  I went on to dedicate the next 4 years to building the perfect solutiong.

Our smart technology allows for climate control inside your bed, giving you the cold side of the pillow feeling, but for your entire mattress. Cama Coole helps you get to sleep faster; spend more time in a deeper sleep and wake up more refreshed and energized than ever before.

Up to now we have been manufacturing in small quantities and selling out as fast as we produce these units.  However, we have never been able to place a large order for our fans, which are a critical component of our product.  Our goal is to place an order for fans in bulk, 1000 fans to build 1000 Cama Coolers.  Once we have the opportunity to build and sell in these numbers, we can continue to grow the business and help more people get the good night's sleep they deserve.

It's time to upgrade your sleep, with the Cama Cooler

Comments (4)

Craig Semple says:

I'm a trucker and spend most of my down time sleeping in my truck bunk. I need to stay sharp behind the wheel and knowing this Cama Cooler will give me the best sleep keeping me more alert throughout my day.

35 seconds ago

Dr Ron Delaire says:

Over the last 2 years we had an opportunity to test the prototype models here in Palm Springs CA where the temperature is very warm most of the year. Having Tempur-pedic mattresses often found ourselves tossing and turning nightly due to being too warm. Once we installed the Cama Cooler units in our beds we've noticed them helping significantly getting better nights sleep and waking up much more rested. Another side affect is we are saving on energy costs because we are not pushing the air conditioner as hard all through the nights. Purchasing these new upgraded units is a good step forward because of the new design and additional smart technology features making them even more adjustable/controllable for each our personal needs and comfort. Looking forward to receiving them and highly endorse them.

41 seconds ago

Kaelee, Shaun, Parker and Piper Forgrave says:

These are great Christmas gifts that completes my list for this year. We and our 2 kids have one each and 2 are going to my siblings with Santa giving the lamps to the kids. A wonderful product that will keep on giving .. thank you

17 seconds ago

Rob Goheen says:

This Cama Cooler is needed and must be redirected the my winter location at -- Robert Goheen 24/31 Siwalai Estate Phase2 Group3 Tambol Maesa Amphur Maerim Chiang Mai, Thailand. 50180

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Chris Kotelmach


Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan now residing and working in Calgary. Chris has had a lifelong passion for cutting edge technology. Chris has over 20 years of experience in computers with over 7 years working with Apple computers. He has worked for Apple Service Providers and Retail doing tech support, customer service, and hardware repairs. He has been the go to guy for a variety of people. This rich experience has given him an inside look into one of the world’s most carefully desig...

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Bruce has worked hard to create success in a variety of opportunities over the years. He has a certain “Street Smarts” when it comes to communicating value and closing deals. Bruce has honed his skills while securing millions of dollars in sales throughout the years in opportunities he has been involved in. Some of Bruce’s accolades is achieving membership to a Million Dollar Round Table, representing the top 5% of the world’s insurance brokers, as well as becoming one of the top producers in N...

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A natural leader, Tara drives revenue growth. A highly qualified and experienced architect with sales strategies and techniques, recruiting, mentoring and training skills to spearhead all marketing channels. With broad experience as a sales manager that has developed several high performing teams, one at the “start up” level, she consistently exhibits exceptional relationship building skills with clients, the sales team and the management team alike. Having a natural ability to multitask, time ...

Sean Kotelmach


Sean Kotelmach is a movie magic wizard who specializes in creating entertainment with a low-budget and a non-existing crew. After spending nearly a decade working in film, independently and professionally, Sean knows what compels an audience, and continues to do so with every project. It’s how well you connect with the hearts of the people you’re trying to entertain and communicate your vision back to them. At the moment, he is making a sci-fi series called "Stellar Door" and producing a full f...

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I'm so excited, we are less than 10% away from our goal, and have never been so close to launching our Company!