Elux Mobile Detailing - interior detailing coming to you!

by Danijel Coric dancoric.pro@gmail.com





Jun 15, 2018


Jul 30, 2018




Elux Mobile Detailing - interior detailing coming to you!

by Danijel Coric in Calgary

Business Plan

We are an environmentally friendly mobile detailing service bringing vehicle cleaning to you and saving your time and money. Enjoy at your home and do things you like instead of waiting for and an hour or two at the car detailing shop.


Dirty car interiors are not just ugly to look at but also a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and fungus which can easily creep into your and your children clothes and skin. We cleaned over 900 vehicles in Edmonton and Calgary so far and want your car to be cleaned and shiny too.


Vehicles like

  • sedans,
  • SUV’s,
  • pickup trucks,
  • minivans,
  • semi-trucks,
  • construction machinery and
  • dump trucks

are all part of our portfolio up to now. Our specialty is dealing with "abused" family vehicles suffering serious neglect after kids spill their drinks, drop food on the floor, draw with crayons on the seat and glass, vomit inside the car and do other things kids do. All of this is done with mild eco-friendly cleaning supplies safe for your family and minimum water use to reduce environmental impact. 


Our service has helped many moms save hundreds of dollars and many hours of precious time while still getting their cars to be spotless, pleasant and safe to drive in. Except for using mild cleaning products, we are big fans and heavy users of the power of hot steam - natural and completely safe alternative to harsh chemicals which might stay in your seats for long time, cause nausea and emit strong odor. 


This service is:


Fully mobile - we come to you wherever you are

Eco friendly -naturally based mild cleaning products, hot steam

Affordable - pay less than at any major detailer's shop

Time saving - do your work or spend time with family instead of driving to and waiting at the detail shop 

Water preserving - on average, we only use 5 liters of water to steam clean your whole car interior


Try us and you will never again want to go to detail shops, wasting your time and money. Our online booking system is extremely easy and flat rate oriented. No estimates and complicated questionnaires, just a few clicks. 


We are looking for your help to buy another set of tools and promote this valuable service to Calgarians and Edmontonians. 


SHORT TERM PLAN - by December 2018

1. EXPAND - 1 more mobile detailer with a full set of exuipement

2. NEW SERVICE - rock chip repair

3. AWARENESS - 1000 Facebook followers, 400 email list subscribers, building Youtube channel to about 20 videos and 100 subscribers


LONG TERM - December 2019

1. COMMERCIAL SERVICES - make servicing trucks, busses and RV's about 50% of our client base

2. WINTER WORK - have commercial clients thorough winter months to make business less seasonal

3. FIXED LOCATION - rent a small bay to provide storage for tools and equipment and offer more complex exterior detailing services which require protection from weather. 




I am so grateful! My son threw up in our car on Wednesday and in the heat, the smell was unbearable even after I tried to clean it. My car looks better than new and smells great now!

Chirtie Brown


I have never had my car really detailed! My car has been so filthy for the last 3 years it was time to get it cleaned. His prices are so reasonable ! Less than $100.00 for a full service clean:) very happy with this service and would recommend to anyone! Thank you!!

Megs-Hayden Savage


Amazing!!! Got a van detailed that was in rough shape and it looks brand new. Not to mention the job was not rushed. Spent 3.5 hours on it. Very professional. Brought his own supplies and didn't take any short cuts. HIGHLY recommend and we will be using again. Thank you so much for the excellent job!!

Miranda Marling


Dan, thank you again for an exceptional cleaning service on our two vehicles a couple of weeks ago. We were so pleased with your attention to detail and have been sure to share our praises with our friends + family. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your detailing services to anyone and we'll definitely be in touch...!

Heather Holmen


Best money we've spent. Detailed two vehicles to like new condition. Spent 5 hours, was very thorough, friendly and prompt.

Rosalynd Lewis


Did a fantastic job on our SUV! Our 2 kids (3 and 9) make a disaster of the backseat and our vehicle looks like we first got it again! Not only does the company come to you but the cleaning is top notch and done with a smile.

Cynthia Cotton





All rewards listed include vacuum, shampoo, steam, interior glass, vinyl cleaning and dressing of interior and trunk. 

We do charge extra in case of dog hair, headliner cleaning or seriosuly abused interiors. 

But not to worry - in worst case scenario, you pay extra $40 if your car is in really bad shape. 


All included, no extras of any kind. 

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Daniel Coric


Small business owner, manager and consultant for the last 15 years. Through various periods of my career, and in different parts of the world, I learned how to get business operations going and where the problems can come from. I graduated from a Bachelor of Management and Organization in Croatia, received several Marketing and Sales course certificates from 2015 to 2018 and now continue working hard and studying further at University of Calgary. My work experience stretches from digital...

Giovanni Rincon


Giovanni is the right hand of Elux Detailing and uses his more than 20 years of experience in auto detailing industry to provide great job every time. He is an expert in outside polishing, interior steaming and shampooing, paint corrections and customer service. Latino charm and personal warmth fully loaded in this guy.

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