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Aug 04, 2018


Sep 18, 2018




Support Local Eatertainment


Business Plan

Green Heist Eatertainment is an upbeat, fresh new catering company in the city of Edmonton. We provide catering of all types from basic luncheons to weddings and large parties. We would like to say there is nothing we can't handle. Aside from catering events, we have retail food products as well. Fresh and Fresh Frozen Meals whichever you prefer. Green Heist will provide induvidual meals to go for the busy urbanite. We also make and jar our own sauces. Our food and menu is 80% from scratch we do not cut corners. We support local bakers, butchers and greenhouses as best we can so that 20% you know comes from our own local producers. Just undestand that depending on the season we will do our best to keep it Canadian!

Chef Joshua makes everything in house.

We are looking for a funding boost to operate and open our doors to the public. Securing the necessary funds will be spread out over a few important items. 

We need a van. The safe and secure transport of our goods is vital. Food storage containers and some mobile equipment so we are able to prepare on-site. Health and safety is number 1 when it comes to Green Heist Eatertainment and the events we will cater to. We want to be in the good graces always with Alberta Health Services. More importantly, we want our future customers and clients to trust us. 

Eventually, we would love our own personal 24 hour kitchen. We also would like to provide our service 24/7. Yes, book and order from us for a midnight event and we will go till the wee hours of the morning. Currently we will rent kitchens by the hour, day, week depending on the events and contracts we have.

The crowdfunding will go towards all of this and more including rewards for contributors. Without you, there is no Green Heist!

Keep it Green, Keep it Live!


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Latisha Wright


Latisha likes to take ideas, pick them apart and create something real and beautiful. She is an artist and loves to design. She has management skills as well as solid planning skills. A take charge attitude with natural leadership qualities. Latisha "Tia" Wright is Green Heist Eatertainment's Event Planner and Lead Designer as well as Co-Owner of the company.

Joshua Wonnacott


Joshua has been cooking in professional setting for 15 years, his first cooking job was a line cook with Boston Pizza in St. Albert. Since has cooked in various settings such as; hotels, private golf courses, restaurants, camps and catering. Classically trained apprentice, and passion for food. His specialties are modern comfort fusion; Italian, Indian and other parts of Asia, Spanish and putting a Canadian downhome twist on it. Goal orientated and shows ambition. He is creative in cooking, m...

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