Help save limbs, lives and reduce ER wait times!

by Kathleen Cesarin

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Feb 01, 2019


Feb 28, 2019




Help save limbs, lives and reduce ER wait times!

by Kathleen Cesarin in Edmonton

Business Plan

Thank you for visiting our campaign!


Why is your support so important?


We have met our initial goal already (Thankyou!) BUT, to have a chance at winning we need to EXCEED our goal by the highest % possible (compared to the other entrants) and have over 100 people “boost” our campaign in some way. (Our actual need is $30,000+) 


Support Options:


1.   Select a REWARD level which suits you and make a pledge. (Look to the right or scroll to the bottom to view them)

2.  Attend our Live Auction Wine & Cheese Event                 on Feb 28/2019 at Steele Heights Community Hall. To buy tickets:


Thank you in advance for your generous support of this worthy cause!

Who are we? 

We’re a small business with the heart of nurse and the roar of a lion!

Over 3 years ago we identified gaps in our health care system including the opportunity to meet the following health care needs in Edmonton and surrounding communities: 

• To redirect chronic wound patients from out-patient orthopedic clinics and provide specialized services to address the advanced wound care needs of diabetic or chronic foot/leg ulcers.

• To redirect non-urgent/non-surgical orthopedic patients from ER departments improving patient experience and reducing ER wait times.

• To make advanced treatments and medical devices accessible at an affordable cost to improve their healing outcomes. 

• To create additional clinical placements for specialized nursing students as well as employment for same.

In addition to increased product/medical device sales, the growth and expansion to a brick and mortar clinic/storefront will open several funding opportunities for the public.

When do we plan to open our new “Accelerated (After Hours) Cast Clinic & Limb Preservation Centre? 

We’ve proven the concept and have been providing some health services on a MOBILE basis since Nov 2016.

With YOUR help We aim to open our Cast Clinic & Limb Preservation Centre in a convenient, in a central area in 2019.

What drives us to tackle this momentous project? 

Because our passion is to be part of the solution!

Why are some of the reward levels so BIG (and yes, expensive?!)

Glad you asked! In short, they were created for savvy business owners. But here are 3 more great reasons:

1. As we are opening a unique medical clinic which will have a high-flow of clients and customers, we know it will be an amazing opportunity for other business owners to put their name on this community project and increase public awareness of their business. Advertising is common and necessary expense for all businesses which can easily be justified in this way and a pledge by a business will become a taxable expense.

2. There are also many people who are looking for a philanthropic opportunity to leave a legacy in honor of a lost loved one or in their family name for a cause that is dear to their heart.

3. A medical clinic is an expensive start-up!


Thank you in advance for your generous support. Your help will benefit generations to come.

PLEASE NOTE: $150 REWARD-AFRICAN HUNTING SAFARI has a RESERVE of $4000 worth of entries. Any purchases of this reward are non-refundable.


Comments (8)

Kathleen Cesarin says:

This is an amazing cause. I'm an amputee and I really hope this venture is supported.

38 seconds ago

Christy Burrows says:

Wishing you all the best!

4 seconds ago

Michael Forder says:

I hope it goes well!

3 seconds ago

Connie Kaefer says:

Keep working towards changing the world with your energy & enthusiasm! So proud of you!

10 seconds ago

Sherry Verzyl says:

Hardworking and driven in her line of work!!

25 seconds ago

Ken Breault says:

This is a fantastic cause and will fill a huge need in the community. I hope many people and ATB support it.

30 seconds ago

Joel Cain says:


13 seconds ago

Derrick Cunningham says:

So happy to help out this incredible organization that wants to help their community in such a meaningful way! This service to those dealing with medical issues is not only filling a need in our community but is an absolute gift for those who are not getting the care they deserve. For all those who truly care about people in need, I encourage you to support this effort in making a huge impact to people throughout our city and beyond!

14 seconds ago


Kathleen Cesarin


Principal, Kathleen Cesarin, has been a Licensed Practical Nurse since 2008, an Orthopedic Technician since 2009, with experience in the Kaye Edmonton Clinic Orthopedics/Cast Clinic, Strathcona County Urgent-Care Clinic, the U of A and Grey Nuns Emergency departments. Prior to this, she also has experience as an Executive Director and successful entrepreneur in various ventures including a multi-million dollar international, registered Canadian charity, a non-profit out-of-school care program...

Tyler Cesarin


Principal, Tyler Cesarin, currently upper-level management with Servus Credit Union since 2016. Prior, he has been a successful manager in a multi-million dollar, publicly traded, company in the auto finance industry for 17 years. He strategically grew and managed the Customer Service and Collections departments, with a staff of 30+, as well as managed computer and networking systems including phone, financial/client and staffing solutions and software programs to completion. Tyler Cesarin,...

Jessica Shaw


Jessica has been a dedicated and valuable member of the team since 2017. In addition to medical transcription, office administration and providing mobile services as a certified fitter for our mobility devices, she brings our office and customers a zany sense of humor...every day is a fun day when Jessica is around!

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