Recreation Therapy & Wellness for Young Onset Dementia

by Cindy McCaffery

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Apr 26, 2017


May 26, 2017




Recreation Therapy & Wellness for Young Onset Dementia

by Cindy McCaffery in Calgary

Business Plan


Young onset dementia has many forms and can strike at any time before the age of 65.

Over 1100 people in the Calgary area are experiencing this early degenerative brain disease and have symptoms that interfere with the quality of daily life, such as difficulty making decisions, losing one’s judgment, challenges with speech and vocabulary, and perhaps inappropriate behaviour.

Young onset dementia is not a disease of the elderly, but leaves its mark on the lives of vibrant 40, 50 and 60 year olds by limiting their independence, mobility and role in society. While young onset is considered rare, it is very real for 10% of the dementia population in Calgary and their families.

YouQuest will be a recreation therapy-based wellness program where active people with Young Onset Dementia can find purpose and a rewarding quality of life after diagnosis.

 We are building YouQuest to:

  • Fill the service gap for those who are forced intounwanted retirement and changing roles at a time when a mortgage, and dependent children are expensive responsibilities.

  • Welcome people to a full-day alternative to premature placement in a long-term care facility, giving peace of mind and respite to care partners while reducing demand on the health care system.

  • Empower participants to choose how to live their fullest lives through connecting with one’s life story and enjoying peers, making choices with individualized support, and having the freedom to move and explore life’s possibilities.

Help us launch YouQuest to inspire a good day, everyday for people with Young Onset Dementia in Calgary; there’s a whole lot of life to be lived after diagnosis.

We would like to thank our first supporters in the community for their kind donations to our campaign, including: Village Brewery, COBS Bread Kingsland, Heritage Park, Improvement Programs, The Grocery LInk and Highwood Crossing. 


Comments (20)

Mary E Shaw says:

Good luck to YouQuest for this valuable work!

32 seconds ago

Diane Rennie says:

All the best with this much needed service.

40 seconds ago

Abbie Smith says:

So proud of you Cin!

3 seconds ago

Sarah Main says:

Can't wait to see all the great things you are going to contribute to the YOD community! Best of luck!

13 seconds ago

Myrla Bulman says:

YouQuest is very pleased to accept this generous donation by Treasure Richardson. Check out her plans for the David Richardson Memorial Disc Golf Park @

16 seconds ago

Ann Mallory says:

It's awesome to see what you're doing Cindy!! Good luck!!

49 seconds ago

Joni Mallabone says:

Fantastic iniative Cindy!

42 seconds ago

Janet Arnold says:

HI Cindy. This is a boost from Gayle, using my account, because she is not great with computers :) We both wish you all the best with your campaign.

20 seconds ago

Ruth Jones says:

What a wonderful initiative....this could help so many isolated yet active members of our community. Cindy, best wishes in reaching your goals, and thank you to you and John for your selfless sharing of your life to help others with Y.O.D.

4 seconds ago

Karen Lynch says:

This contribution is from Fred and Agnes. The previous one is from Rowan and Karen. You are brave Cindy and John! Good luck...

3 seconds ago

Ernie Pallister says:

this is such a wonderful effort. I wish you every success.

10 seconds ago

Noreen Irvine says:

For Cindy McCaffrey and the Recreation Therapy & Wellness for Young Onset Dementia

6 seconds ago

Ernie Pallister says:

Calgary YouQuest'lainching success will be a model for other cities and villages in Alberta and in other provinces.

33 seconds ago

Lois Morgan says:

What a great initiative! I'm happy to help where I can and think this would be great in the Toronto area as well.

41 seconds ago

Ernie Pallister says:

YouQuest is an organization that is very important in serving a very much needed local and national health situation

50 seconds ago

Graham Wynne says:

Very best wishes Cindy! Its a really great project and I look forward to seeing it succeed as it is so badly needed.

54 seconds ago

Margaret Dickson says:

A much needed new resource! Thanks for your initiative.

40 minutes ago

Elaine McGowan says:

Congratulations Cindy & John!

11 seconds ago

Karen Borle says:

Great work Cindy. Keep it up!

50 seconds ago

Susan Clarke says:

Congratulations on this new initiative Cindy. When you get this up and going your model should be very portable. We need this in Burlington.

53 seconds ago


Cindy McCaffery


Cindy has extensive project management experience gained in roles as a publisher, writer, editor and executive assistant. Her involvement with YOD began when her father-in-law was diagnosed at age 52, and continues with her husband who was diagnosed in 2007 at age 48.

Myrla Bulman


Myrla is a consultant with a background in corporate, health, and technology and stewardship projects. After a family health crisis, she became a caregiver — an experience that put focus on what really matters and created the drive to be a social entrepreneur.

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This campaign shows Calgarians there is a need to create appealing recreation options for people experiencing dementia in their 40s and 50s. These individuals are still physically capable and looking for an active and social life. Our campaign proceeds will be used to define our Fall 2017 pilot by:

  • Designing and test-driving the YouQuest program plan with families
  • Adapting existing Recreation Therapy tools to the Young Onset perspective
  • Learning from the one similar Canadian program identified in our market research

In the video, John tells us how important his social network with disc golf friends is to making each day a good one -- which makes life more positive for his family. This is just the kind of social connection YouQuest will give to many Calgarians to participate in a recreation program designed to let them find their potential.

We’re delighted to offer you a reward from our generous sponsors as you support people with Young Onset Dementia and their families. Thank you!