Local Laundry - Apparel That Builds Community

by Local Laundry info@locallaundry.ca

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Oct 05, 2017


Nov 19, 2017




Local Laundry - Apparel That Builds Community

by Local Laundry in Calgary

Business Plan

We started Local Laundry as a way represent where you come from, showcase and work with those that are making a difference in the community and to donate $1 Million dollars to local charities across Canada.

We've come a long way but we want to do more in making our products socially responsible while having a positive social impact on our local economy and our community. So for the Holiday season, we decided to come out with The Giving Toque, a 100% Made In Canada toque and for every single one that we sell we will donate one to a homeless organization across Canada. Our goal is to be able to donate 1000 toques by Christmas.

This Giving Toque is the main reason why we've wanted to come out with The Local Collection, a 100% Made In Canada line that aims to make a strong impact on our community. This collection means that we can keep our money in Canada, supporting local economies while reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. For each piece that comes out, they will have a social impact behind it, similar to The Giving Toque.

We decided to work with ATB Boostr because just like our mission statement says, everything we do has to be about building community. We thought by sharing our story and goals out we could enable the community to take part in our mission as well. To share with everyone the need for socially responsible clothing and the importance of helping those in need to help make our community better, whether that community is your city, province or country.
We are hoping to raise $10,000 during our campaign, through offering exclusive rewards that will showcase The Local Collection and other Community Builders in order to fund our next iteration of The Local Collection. 

Comments (23)

Jill Aschenbrenner says:

Love what you are doing. Best wishes for continued success.

17 seconds ago

Cole Maberley says:

Local Laundry, Seeing your company and it’s values take off has been super inspiring. The sense of family and community you share with all those around you is fantastic! Cheers, Cole

14 seconds ago

Mark Lootens says:

Hey! Good luck guys. @naturalmattress on Facebook and Instagram and @naturalmattyyc on twitter.

33 seconds ago

Hannah & Dave says:

Love this campaign!

38 seconds ago

Cheryl Grant says:

Keep up building our community and awareness

36 seconds ago

Kourtney Branagan says:

Keep dreaming big!

11 seconds ago

Dan Bremner says:

I'm so proud of the work that you are doing to make a social impact and make really great brand. Love it!

58 seconds ago

Keenyn Bijou says:

This is from Like Grandpa! Keep up the great work guys! The impact you are making in the community makes a real difference and we are so pumped for you!

42 seconds ago

Kristi Chrumka says:

I love what you guys are doing and what you stand for. Way to go Local Laundry!

47 seconds ago

Alex Dagg says:

You guys are awesome. I'm excited to seeing the full $10,000 and more come through QuickBooks :P

24 seconds ago

Sylvie-Anne Roy says:

I met you during the ATBoostr event in Calgary and I love what you and your team are doing ! Good job ! Sustainbly yours, Sylvie-Anne Roy

39 seconds ago

Sandi MacGregor says:

Awesome work, keep it up! The Boost is from Bar Von Der Fels (my winebar) :)

21 seconds ago

Vanessa Gagnon says:

YYC represent! Proud of you guys!

57 seconds ago

Brian Paisley says:

Great effort on your campaign Local Laundry and keep up the great work in the Community.

4 seconds ago

Paige Gratton says:

Well done Dustin and Connor! You guys are the coolest!

11 seconds ago

Jason Abt says:

Roll tide

46 seconds ago

Neetu Sidhu says:

Can't wait to rock my Giving toque - the best of style and positive social impact. Nicely done guys - hope you get to 200%+ funded!!

35 seconds ago

Haley Daniels says:

Love the idea, stoked to be apart of the Giving Toque, I can't wait to be apart of the future of LL! -Haley

21 seconds ago

Dan Dunn says:

You're doing great work fella's. Keep it up!

4 seconds ago

Emily Jobson says:

Good Luck!

31 seconds ago

Matt Elliott says:

Awesome job guys, keep it up!

43 seconds ago

Wendelin Fraser says:

So pleased to watch the success of your efforts. Good luck with your ATB Booster Campaign.

6 seconds ago

Stephan Becker says:

Love the Giving Toque! Thanks for helping to support the community and those in need guys!

17 seconds ago


Connor Curran


Connor found Local Laundry in 2015 while studying for his MBA in Sweden, by Googling "How To Start a T-shirt Company" and watching a YouTube video. He has always said that "any idiot can start a t-shirt company because I am living proof".

Dustin Paisley


Dustin joined Local Laundry in November of 2015 before coming on board as a co-owner. He tirelessly works at Local Laundry while also working Full-Time as a Manager of Entrepreneurship at the ATB Entrepreneurship Centre in Calgary. He is expecting his first baby on October 20th, which he will name Connor regardless of the gender.

Kathleen Smiley


Kathleen is our Community Coordinator, running everything from email marketing to blogs, to collaborations and Press Releases. She has forgotten more about marketing strategy then Connor and Dustin could ever learn.

Briare Crawford


Briare is our Social Media Coordinator, or wizard as we like to call her because anything having to do with social she can magically fix it when Connor or Dustin try to post things and break it.

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