Help put Archive Magazine in a store near you!

by Shari Johnston

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Apr 28, 2017


Jun 12, 2017




Help put Archive Magazine in a store near you!

by Shari Johnston in Grande Prairie

Business Plan

Archive Magazine began as a crazy idea between two friends. Just over a year ago, Shari floated the idea to Heather. “Maybe we should start a magazine." The more Heather thought about it, the less crazy it sounded.

We soon realized that a magazine was the perfect way to make use of our talents and maybe do something amazing at the same time.

Archive is a 100% independent, Alberta-based magazine featuring unique stories from across Canada. Our goal for Archive was to inspire people to enjoy the simple things in life, step outside their comfort zone and try new things.  

Known for it's creative and friendly design, Archive is printed quarterly on matte paper with a finished size of 8.375" x 10.875".

Each issue showcases a story in each of our main categories: Eat, Create, Explore and Enjoy. Recent stories include a quick food tour of Haida Gwaii, an introduction to Pierre and Candace of Food on your Shirt, a canoe trip through Wells Gray Provincial Park and an interview with Francine and Nicole Gomes of Cluck N Cleaver in Calgary.  

48 pages of goodness also includes:

  • Something boozy
  • A drool-worthy centerfold (Food Porn)
  • A collection of items we think our readers would enjoy, ranging from books to read and attractions to visit (Forward)
  • Quick road trips, mainly to cool places near an urban centre (Escape Route)
  • Fun interviews with well-known Canadians such as Rick Mercer and Clara Hughes (Take Five)
  • Local makers, artisans and businesses who are taking the time and effort to do what they love (Create)

Archive Magazine is available via subscription, distributed via Canada Post. You will also find Archive at local Grande Prairie retailers, such as Al's News, Grande Prairie Coffee Company and Homesteader Health (Gateway) and at approximately 40 independently owned convenience and book stores from coast to coast.  With your help, we can stock Archive in more towns and cities across Alberta.

Comments (21)

John Patrick says:

Nice work!

30 seconds ago

Jens Gerbitz says:

Good luck!

8 seconds ago

Michael Merriam says:

Keep up the great work Shari and Heather!

51 seconds ago

Wanda Moen says:

In one short year, Shari and Heather have accomplished something pretty amazing! Keep up the great work ladies!!

15 seconds ago

Dale Kardas says:

Shari - Congratulations on publishing Archive, so interesting, useful and fabulous!

8 seconds ago

Amber Livingstone says:

Happy to help with this great endeavor!

56 seconds ago

John Patrick says:

Good Luck!!

8 seconds ago

Neil Gordon says:

You are amazing! You are beautiful! Cheers! 👍🏽❤️🔥🍺🍻

26 seconds ago

Kim Sanderson says:

Way to go!! Keep up the great work.

37 seconds ago

Milissa Rush says:

Best of Luck from your friends at WHOLE>SUM Massage & Movement Therapy

51 seconds ago

Tracy Gemmill says:

Best of luck, ladies!!! :)

48 seconds ago

Kelly Manuel says:

Love this magazine!!!!

4 seconds ago

Nicola Peacey says:

Good Luck !!!

10 seconds ago

Darlene Browning says:

Good luck girls!! Keep up the good work!! xoxo

40 seconds ago

Janine Samuelson says:

Grear work Lady Bosses! Your paper nerd superfan. J9

34 seconds ago

Sonia Crichton says:

I love it that your accepting no one's definition of you and exploring what it means to be truly creative. I love Archive. Continue to boldly go.

57 seconds ago

Amy Richards says:

Love my subscription and can't wait for more!

54 seconds ago

Elly Nordstrom says:

Anything to help Hotdog! Looking forward to my quarterly read. :)

18 seconds ago

Darlene MacDonald says:

I have enjoyed every issue to date and I look forward to many more! Way to go!

3 seconds ago

Scott Carroll says:

Good luck, you guys deserve it.

41 minutes ago

Kristina Van Dr Walle says:

Go for it! Can't wait until you are a media mogul!

8 seconds ago


Shari Johnston


Shari loves to eat, drink and cook. She loves being outside. She loves to entertain. She loves to travel. She loves to tell stories. For five years, these stories appeared on her blog, Tales from a Small Kitchen. As a result of her blog and love of food, she has also done some freelance writing, event planning and workshop facilitation. It only seemed to be a matter of time before she decided her words were worthy for paper.

Heather Smith


Professionally, Heather has worked in various communications roles for over 15 years. She is also a printmaker and artist and sold handprinted cards and prints on Etsy for five years under her shop, Cosmikgoo. A self-described crafty nerd, she has tried just about every handmade method from spinning yarn to stained glass. Heather is super excited to take her obsession with paper to an unhealthy level.

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