Green Event Services - Waste Education BoostR

by Green Event Services

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Sep 24, 2015


Nov 08, 2015




Green Event Services - Waste Education BoostR

by Green Event Services in Calgary

Business Plan

Green Event Services is founded on the simple goal of creating a better tomorrow. In 2012, Colin Smith started Green Event Services to minimize the incredible amounts of waste created at his favourite events like Sled Island, Market Collective and Canada Day. Fast forward 3 years later, Green Event Services has participated in over 150 events; diverted 90 tons of waste from the landfill; employed over 100 community members with living wages; and engaged over 1 million event attendees with waste reducing experiences. For the second year, we have the honour of a nomination in the Environmental Stewardship category for the Calgary Chamber Small Business Awards.

Green Events Services works with event organizers to provide positive waste reduction solutions. We supply user-friendly recycling and compost stations. Our all-star Green Team handles, sorts and weighs all collected material from the stations to ensure maximum diversion from landfills. We deliver on-the-fly education to participants as best we can, but sometimes the battle against the waste takes over. We want to do more to help people recycle and compost with confidence. We see this as an opportunity for an Education Boost(R)! That’s where we need your help!


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Colin Smith


As the founder and fearless leader of Green Event Services, Colin works tirelessly to improve his local community. Calgarians have come to consider Green Event Services’ waste diversion stations an event staple - but Colin is not stopping here! He is working on deepening his ability to extend his positive, waste diverting reach to other areas within Calgary's community.


Vaneska Grechinski


Self proclaimed Waste Reduction Maniac, Vaneska is super dedicated to waste reduction and goes the extra mile to keep divertable material out of the landfill.


Teigan Kopec


A passionate communicator, Teigan guided our strategy this summer and rescued tons of compostable material from some of our biggest events.

Kevin Aranas


An extremely dedicated community leader and serial volunteer, Kevin played a key role as a Green Team Block Captain at some of Calgary's largest events.


Mike Byerley


Local activist and passionate community member, Mike hauled too much waste to count while riding the big bike.


Jesse Scharf


Inordinately organized and prompt, Jesse helped to ensure the timely delivery and set up of nearly all Green Events in Calgary this year.


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