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Oct 06, 2017


Nov 20, 2017




RAW Distillery

by Lindsay Smylie in Canmore

Business Plan

We have heard a few people say "I don't like Gin".... then they try our Peppercorn Gin and we hear, in amazement, that it's not what they expected and definitely not what they thought Gin was.

Starting production in January inthe heart of Canmore, AB we want to broaden the experience people have when they think of Gin. We want them to be able to explore their taste preferences and change their perception of Gin forever. This campaign will help us launch our personalized gin blending program. Imagine a flight of different Gins with different flavour and aromatic characteristics... then imagine being able to have one made to order, just the way YOU like it... our 'Tailored Gin Program' will help capture your personality in a bottle.

The support collected will go towards building our experience material and label design.  The experience will start with a meet and greet, overview of how gin is made, getting to know the botanicals, then starting with our base gin crafting a personalized recipe to take home. 


Comments (5)

Lenore Becker says:

so happy for Lindsay and Brad

26 seconds ago

Jill Aschenbrenner says:

Best wishes for continued success!

37 seconds ago

David Gray says:

The craft distilling industry in Alberta is enhanced by tremendous entrepreneurs like Brad and Lindsay.

27 seconds ago

Stavros Karlos says:

Mens Medium please

27 seconds ago

shelly zarikoff says:

Great job Brad & Lindsay!! I fully support your efforts for bringing amazing spirits to the universe :)

15 seconds ago


Brad Smylie


“Small craft distillers are part of a soon to be large community. The first time you try a RAW product I want you to be blown away. The responsibility of quality spirit production is one I take seriously. I have made it my mission to craft products of the highest quality. Together with other distillers in Canada we will encourage this dynamic industry to grow together. I am passionate about distilling alcohol. Following the dynamic world of Canadian Whisky is a personal interest of mine so w...

Lindsay Smylie


“If someone told me 4 years ago that Gin was to become my full time passion. I would have laughed them right out of the room. Nothing interested me about a one dimensional spirit that tastes like pine needles. A quick visit to a small craft distillery south of the border profoundly challenged my perceptions of this beverage. I had no idea Gin could be a balanced, delicate expression of so many different flavours. Distilling lets me recapture that feeling every time I introduce someone to a h...

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So humbled by our support through this campaign! We are excited to deliver these amazing rewards and thank you all for your generous support.  We hope you all enjoy the results and are able to share with those you love! 

Also happy to push our personalized gin idea forward, looks like we will be getting that label printer to make this happen after all!  3 more days and we will wrap it all up and start making deliveries....

Brad & Lindsay