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May 01, 2019


Jun 15, 2019




Sober Saturdayz

by Kaitie Degen in Edmonton

Business Plan

I grew up in Kelowna BC - sounds beautiful, I know - but that's not quite how I remember it. From a very young age my mother (and most of my family) had very addictive tendencies. I'm not talking a bottle of champagne on a birthday either, I'm talking about pee your pants drunk and going missing for days/weeks on end.

Growing up I liked to think that the apple actually DID fall far from the tree. Even though I had grown up in foster care and had been "in the system" since day 1 I liked to think I was different. Different because I was brought up in a way I knew I would never impose onto someone else. Fast forward about 10 years (last year) when I began to notice how habitual partying had become in my and my friends' lives. We were all exhausted, we had no social skills without booze, and our self-confidence ... well, what self-confidence. 

At that point in my life I knew personally that I wanted to step back from drinking and that's when I found out just how difficult that really is. Not just because of my own habitualness or family blood line, but because our entire world is catering to a life surrounded by alcohol. You go to a restaurant and the first thing mentioned is whether you want a drink and unfortunately your response dictates what type of service you're going to get. Not to mention trying to go out to the bar and only being offered fountain pop and grenadine (eye roll). 

All of this personal experimentation about how I felt and how I was treated when I went out as a non-drinker REALLY brought some clarity to my eyes. No wonder people relapse and no wonder people fall under pressure. We legit have NOTHING in place that is promoting a healthier option (Budweiser Prohibition doesn't count either, it's gross and has a high calorie count). So I began to look for non-alcoholic options myself.

I wanted to pan through all the crappy tasting drinks and find out where the gold was hidden, because there's no way that I'm the only person who has been feeling this way. I came across the world's FIRST distilled non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip. This opened my eyes to a world of products and people I had zero connection to before. From there I began my journey of finding the WORLD'S best non-alcoholic beverages with the intention to import (almost none are in Canada) and distruibute them into bars and restaurants in Canada.

Now I know that this project isn't going to save my mother, in fact I've had to cut off ties because she's furious at me for advertising change. But what I AM hoping comes from this is conversation about harm reduction, community support for young addicts, and healthy options in Canadian establishments. It's inevitable that young adults are going to experiment, in fact we've set them up to do just that so there's actually no avoiding it. What we CAN do is create a space that is fun, educational, and filled with delicious drinks. So that WHEN these young adults are bombarded (because yes that's what it is) with peer pressure questions they will have the knowledge, the community, and (most importantly) the OPTION to choose otherwise. 

I don't know about you but I don't want the next generations to deal with addicton in the ways we've had to. It's brutal, it's embarrassing (or at least you're told it is) and it's not very fun. It is our RESPONSIBILITY as adults to analyze how our lives have been and then adjust accordingly. And that's why I created Sober Saturdayz, to host events, educate on harm reduction, and have a delicous experience while we're at it. Don't believe me, ask the Collective yourself!


Comments (27)

Abbie Greene says:

Yay Denise & Sober Saturdayz! 💕

34 seconds ago

Taylor Muller says:

Rock the rest of the campaign my loves!

51 seconds ago

Joyce LaBriola says:

This is amazing and I’m proud to support ♥️

7 seconds ago

Gwen Riis Howard says:

Fantastic idea! Wishing you all good things!

53 seconds ago

Dylan Howard says:

Good luck, guys! Keep up the great work!

33 seconds ago

Laura Niwa says:

So excited!

50 seconds ago

Caitlin Varrin says:

You're so close!! MEGA PROUD OF YOU! Keep up that wizness, ladies ❤️

59 seconds ago

Joshua Shenfield says:

This is an awesome idea, continue crushing it!

18 seconds ago

Alyssa Tait says:

What you’re doing is Amazing! Thank you! I’m so excited to see what’s to come.

40 seconds ago

Andrea Yacyshyn says:

Big love! What you're doing is important!

38 seconds ago

Linda Nellis says:

Denise Walker is my hero! <3

16 seconds ago

Mike H. says:

Good luck!

59 seconds ago

Dianne Shaw says:

We are so proud of you Katie! :)

19 seconds ago

Denise Alexander says:

Way to go SoberSaturdayz!!

11 seconds ago

Sara K says:

Be the change you wish to see in the world :) all the best!

3 seconds ago

Tammy Valgardson says:

Love what you're doing!

54 seconds ago

Rekha Kapadia says:

This is amazing - thank you for taking the time to curate these non alcoholic options !

24 seconds ago

Maryanne Sintihakis says:

You go girl! So proud of you! aunty m

59 seconds ago

Amanda Robertson says:

Awesome cause! Hurrah!

58 seconds ago

Alaina Hansen says:

Wishing you all the best on this rad movement!

51 seconds ago

Brandon Plaizier says:

Greg shared this with me and although I myself enjoy my drink I think that anyone who chooses to abstain should have just as many NA drink and entertainment options as I do.

55 seconds ago

Bradley Anderson says:

Love it.

14 seconds ago

Katya Worbets says:

Best initiative! Substance-free living never looked (or tasted) so good. xo

20 seconds ago

Katarina Hugo says:

As a young, sober woman I am absolutely thrilled with SoberSaturdayz and the work Katie is doing.

2 seconds ago

Marina Perilli says:

Katie- keep going girl! We need more of this in our lives.

15 seconds ago

Clare Packer says:

Goooooo Kaitie!!!

47 seconds ago

Scott Meunier says:

This work makes the city more vibrant for those trying to be well without drugs and alcohol :). Great job Katie and Co.

57 minutes ago


Kaitie Degen


I'm Kaitie Degen — a 26 year-old working towards sobriety. I grew up in a chaotic household, riddled with abuse, social service intervention and bullying. Having never met my father, and constantly helping with a drug-addicted mother, meant growing up quickly under a great deal of stress. Besides my constant battle with depression and anxiety, I've also had the burden of my own vices. I believe that drugs and alcohol have deeply shaped who I am today, but I came to realize that the overindulgen...

Corinne Simpson


Corinne “Been” Simpson is a virtual assistant and Kaitie's project manager. Kaitie found her through friend recommendations and the two just clicked. She's also 17 years sober and has been looking for something like Sober Saturdayz all her sober life. If you need help with a short-term project or long-term workload maintenance but can’t hire help full time or don’t have an office to host a staffer, she's your solution. She can be found at her website corinnesimpson.ca

Denise Walker


Denise Walker is an Edmonton based Author and the Creator of Denise Speaks. The second installment of her sober poetry collection, 'Pick Your Poison' was released on April 20th, 2019. Through her words, either written or spoken aloud, she creates solace and solidarity for those in addiction recovery. Through Sober Saturdayz she found like-minded entrepreneurs and became passionate about their mission as it so closely aligns with her own.

Rhandi Standford


Rhandi Sandford is creator and designer at Colour Me Weird, a brand for the silly and the sweet. From wearable dolls, to fun to wear clothing, Colour Me Weird strives for diversity and expression. Colour Me Weird's workshops are fun for all ages, and are created to stimulate imagination and play. Check out more at www.colourmweird.com

Bevers Degen


Bevers Degen is a black and white maltipoo (don't laugh its short for maltese poodle lol), who has just turned the big O N E! He's been shaking paws and kissing babies since the day Sober Saturdayz was created and has no plan on stopping. Not only does this little gaffer make it to every event that the city "allows" him too, he also goes above and beyond to be a consistent face on ALL our social media platforms. In all seriousness though, Bevers has been an INCREDIBLE emotional support animal t...

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May 29


Just like the creation of a good book, it can be difficult to keep the action going through the dreaded “middle section”. Not to fear, we still have lots of time to hit all the plot points to make this story a reality. There are several prose related rewards for you to choose by our campaign team member & local author/poet, Denise Walker! Either choose copies of her sober poetry books or for an even more personal option, choose to have her write you your very own poem.


We may be in the middle but the fun hasn’t stopped. Kaitie has moved to Nelson, BC to extend our Sober Saturdayz reach into another province while Corinne “Been” Simpson has taken over operations here in Edmonton. In the coming weeks, you can catch us slinging Partake Beer at Lucid Yoga’s 1 Year Celebration on May 31st as well as Been & Denise will be at Happy Harbour’s Pride Pop-Up Shop on June 15th. Stay on the lookout for more details! To stay in the loop, sign up for our newsletter at sobersaturdayz.ca