Trena Laine Makeup Artist & HammerHeadz Salon Unite

by trena olfert

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Apr 05, 2017


May 20, 2017




Trena Laine Makeup Artist & HammerHeadz Salon Unite

by trena olfert in Calgary

Business Plan

Business Plan for Trena Laine Makeup Artist & Hammer Headz Salon


New collaborative studio in the heart of Bridgeland that will house many local talents in the beauty and wedding industries alike. Projected opening late May 2017. 

Award-winning Trena Laine Makeup Artist and Master Hair stylist ,Hammer Headz Salon, colliding to open up our first cohesive retail space. A new home for our current and new clientele to come and be pampered in from the "neck up". This new home will also house aspiring artists and estheticians to be a part of our family and grow their clientele in a supportive environment. We will collaborate together for Market Nights and Client VIP's Evenings that bring all of our best clients under one roof and give the opportunity to share and introduce clients to the other talents under our roof.

We wish to crowdfund to fuel our dreams and the extra costs that are attached in doing so. We are well known in our industries and when your industries respond " Finally" you know we are doing the right thing in collaborating and providing more opportunities and jobs here in the Bridgeland community. We are bringing not just passionate entrepreneurs together but helping them find purpose in building a successful career and fostering their talents. Our clients are excited to know this may be a "one stop shop" for all their beauty needs. The response has been very welcoming and "about time" and "epic" have been the remarks from our industry family and friends.

We are inspired to raise funds to assist with final furnishings & flooring, wages, marketing material and branding, stocking inventory, etc are a few of the ingredients that pull everything together for our new home.

We desire to be the fun-caring place that houses many talents, sharing clients and providing exceptional service with services for the next decade to come. Trena Laine and Hammer Headz will now also offer wedding packages and will be continuing to advertise and participate in wedding shows and local magazines to create awareness together as we have been providing these services for years, makes sense to have a one stop shop that specializes in beauty treatments from the "neck up".

We offer to you a reward based fund raising campaign that immediately rewards those who invest. And by invest, we mean that you purchase a beauty package and we will book you in following June 15th in our studio to take advantage of your experience first hand with our teams. We like to think of this as the Jerry McGuire. You help us help you. The package you choose to purchase is exactly what you will experience in our new studio and in turn your purchase of whichever reward goes towards our funding goal of $15,000.

We love supporting our community and/or industries we serve and have included a few of our faves within a few of these packages. We would love to thank them in advance for sweetening the pot and adding more value to the fabulous rewards those of you will be pampered with.


Special Thanks to:

Crabapple Clothing Co.

Instagram @crabappleclothing

Twitter @crabapplecloth

Facebook / Crabapple Clothing Company



Dunne Bells

twitter @dunnebells

instagram @dunnebells


EV Stenroos

instagram @evstenroos

twitter @evstenroos

Facebook / EV Stenroos


Jessica Catherin

Instagram @ jessbobyn


Shampaign Taste

Facebook – Shampaign Taste

Instagram – michelle_shampaign



Parfait Productions ( the fabulous profile video) 

Instagram @parfaitproductions

 Facebook / Parfait productions

Comments (31)

Amira Harris says:

Congrats! Happy to support you and your next adventure.

46 seconds ago

Trisha Gader says:

Wanted to help! I put you over your goal!!

34 seconds ago

Paul McGrath says:

All the best!

9 seconds ago

Linda Haig says:

Congratulations to you both for following your dreams !

34 seconds ago

Diane Hill says:

Hi Justin, thank you for cutting Dee's hair.

2 seconds ago

Liz Nandee says:

From Liz & Cheryll Nandee

48 seconds ago

Kim Fox says:

Super happy for you Justin, Its exciting to see your dream come to life!

25 seconds ago

Nicola Kozmyk Jones says:

So excited for you two and your new venture! Congratulations!!! Xoxo

37 seconds ago

Alyssa Crnkovic says:

So excited for you guys!! Congrats and good luck!

56 seconds ago

Shirl Ratzlaff says:

GO GO GO!!! Wish you MUCH success!!!

58 seconds ago

Ryann Braaten says:

Congrats again you two! Happy to see your dreams become reality!

6 seconds ago

Sandra Walker says:

I cant wait!! Your studio is going to be amazing!

55 seconds ago

Laura George says:

You guys are amazing! Cannot wait to come by and check out the new space!

47 seconds ago

Threeway Clothing says:

We are so excited on your new venture Justin and Trena! Can't wait to check out this dreamy salon!

15 seconds ago

Nelle Derry says:

Congrats on your new business venture Justin! Can't wait to come and check it out!

22 seconds ago

Nika Fried says:

Congratulations on following your dreams!

53 seconds ago

Jennifer Hammer says:

Congratulations to you both!

53 seconds ago

Tyla Thomas says:

Love you Justin! 😙

32 seconds ago

Lynn Fletcher says:

Way to go guys!!1 Love you and will be a regular of course!! xo

25 seconds ago

Svetlana Yanova says:

Good luck you guys!!!

57 seconds ago

Laverne Peckham says:

Wishing you great success with your new venture! Can't wait to see the finished studio!

2 seconds ago

Jacqueline Buckley says:

Looking forward to seeing this amazing bossbabe again. Trena is an incredible mentor and if she is a testiment to this new will be just as amazing. CONGRATS!

2 seconds ago

Shahzia Noorally says:

So excited for your new venture! Cheers to your continued success xoxo

35 seconds ago

Adam Moriyama-Bondar says:

Wishing you all the best in this endeavor! You'll be amazing!!

51 seconds ago

Maria Martiniello says:

Exciting and congratulations

32 seconds ago

Heather Johnston says:

I'm so excited for your new venture Trena & Justin! Congrats!

43 seconds ago

Alyssa Tilston says:

LOVE you guys! Cannot wait to see all the magic you create!

53 seconds ago

Terrin Daemen says:

So excited for you Trena! Congratulations on accomplishing an incredible dream and I wish you and Justin all the success in the world! Xo

37 seconds ago

Lenora Kingcott says:

Congratulations! Can't wait to be pampered at the new salon. YAY!

24 seconds ago

Natalie Gray says:

Honoured to be able to support such amazing people living out their dreams!!

45 minutes ago

Jane Hollick says:

So excited for both Justin & Trena

55 seconds ago


Trena Olfert


Award-winning through WedBiz , Trena Olfert of Trenalaine Makeup Artist has several years in the industry educating and empowering women. Trena’s been on CTV Morning Live chatting makeup and continues to be featured in several local and international print and online magazines. She also exhibits and handles the runway makeup with her team for both Bridal Expo and Wedding Fair here in Calgary. Proud member s of many local and national wedding inspired blogs.

Aaron Olfert


Aaron is the behind the scenes from website tech to fostering new ideas on where the company should provide better sustainability and how the company operates along with social responsibility. He is tremendous with implementing health and safety policies, staff/team training manuals, financials and is also smiling that handsome smile when out promoting Trena Laine Makeup Artist. You will find Aaron at most events and bridal shows our team is involved with as he simply enjoys engaging others and...

Justin Hammer


Justin Hammer has been working in the hair industry for over 10 years. He has since become a master colourist in his field. working with most major colour lines and specializing in balayage, foil work, as well as luxurious blondes and multi-tonal colours. Justin’s work has been published in Magazines such as Luxe Bride by Calgary Bride and Calgary Bridal Guide. Justin’s work can be seen on many local fashion and runway shows. Justin's work can been seen all over local in based blogs and soci...

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