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by Vladimir Gonzalez in Airdrie

Business Plan


 My name is Vladimir Gonzalez; I was born and raised in Mexico City. Since I was a kid I learned from my mom and grandmother how to prepare delicious Mexican food using quality, natural and fresh ingredients.

Looking for delicious, quality, fresh and natural Mexican food in the Calgary area is challenging for me and many Canadians, that is why I started Maxi Foods in 2017.

In addition, I realized that more and more Canadians are expressing their concern over companies using Genetically Modified, Non-Organic Corn in order to produce cheap and poor quality Mexican corn products, such as the tortillas, corn chips" and salsas. They are also looking for more gluten-free alternatives and organic products. 

I offer my products at a couple of Farmers Markets and special events around the Airdrie and Calgary area. The acceptance of my products is amazing, especially because we bring the real Mexican taste to our products, using traditional family recipes. In addition, we do not add any preservatives, additives, fillers or artificial flavors. 

We produce all our delicious prepackaged products from scratch, which are:

  • Corn Chips: Made with Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Corn Flour,  6 different flavors ( Chili- Lime, Jalapeño Lime, Tomato and Onion, Yellow-Blue Corn Salted, White Corn Salted and White Corn -Lime)
  • Corn Tortillas: We offer Blue, Yellow, and White Corn Tortillas, made with Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Corn Flour
  • Salsas: Pico de Gallo Salsa and Salsa Verde
  • Dips:  Jalapeno and Chipotle Creams
  • Vegan Dips: Jalapeño and Chipotle Creams, made with Organic Cashew Cream 
  • Guacamole: Made with the  traditional family recipe


We want to improve our labeling and packaging of our products in order to be able to offer them to retail stores.


We are looking to raise $5000 to cover the costs to improve the packaging and labeling of our products and then be able to offer them to retail stores. In return, donors will be able to get our products at discounted prices. Check out our rewards.

Rewards can be picked up at the Farmers & Makers Market at cSpace king Edward (1721 29th Avenue SW), we are there every Saturday from 10:00 am to 1 pm (winter) and 10:00 am to 3 pm (summer). Other deliver ways can we arranged.

From the bottom of my heart, I really want to thank you for your time and for your support.


Comments (28)

Mario Arenas says:

I've tried the products and I love them, that's why I'm donating.

45 seconds ago

hipolito castro says:

good food

54 seconds ago

Xiadani Ramirez says:

Almost there!!

21 seconds ago

Tammy Martel says:

Great to meet you... keep up the good work!

32 seconds ago

Flaviana Muñoz says:

We hope with thats boost you can achieve your goal dream.

41 seconds ago

Rocio Legaria says:

We are sure you will achieve your goal!!. Sucess!!

6 seconds ago

Mylene Cervantes says:

Felicidades Vladimir...mucho Exito. Ojala me toque probar tu comida!

59 seconds ago

Andrea Toth says:

So proud of your hard work Vladimir - Your foods truly are the best, and you deserve all the success in the world! We're SO happy to have you with us at the Market!

17 seconds ago

Elsa Rosales Saucedo says:

All the best

33 seconds ago

Erika Gonzalez says:


39 seconds ago

omar gonzalez says:


44 seconds ago

Iliana Montiel says:

All the best of success!! You can do it!

6 seconds ago

Jorge Rosales says:

Make all your dreams come true!!

28 seconds ago

Sid Van der Meer says:

Your are doing a great job building your business

22 seconds ago

Denise Mago says:

No te rindas.. mira que lo vas a lograr.

13 seconds ago

Vivian Forno says:


53 seconds ago

Lydia Wang says:

Keep your good work!

33 seconds ago

Jessica DeRaaf says:

Caught your pitch last night during the #BoostRstageYYC ! Looking forward to trying your product!

59 seconds ago

Stacey Conway says:

Love your #1 fan. I mean, you know, whatever.

48 seconds ago

Derek Evernden says:

Your food is incredible - wishing you great success!

38 seconds ago

Paula Collett says:

Best of success!

44 seconds ago

Kristin Pollock says:

Jalapeno crema, yum. All the best to you!

21 seconds ago

Rob Owen says:

Hey Vladimir! Happy to see your

4 seconds ago

Luis Gomez says:

Amazing business, delicious food.

18 seconds ago

Joan Traub says:

Wishing you much success in your endeavours!

45 seconds ago

Natasha Guillot says:

From a fellow Smartstarter!

24 seconds ago

Francisco Gugliotta says:

Wish you all the best! Your products are awesome so I'm sure with this little boost, you'll be in stores in no time.

42 seconds ago

Tamara Vester says:

Keep up the good work, we LOVE your products! - Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farms

28 seconds ago


Cynthia Ramirez Rosales


Cynthia was born and raised in Mexico. She moved to Canada in 2005. She is a hard working person that brings lots of energy and experience in the food/retail industry. Her organizational skills are a perfect fit for Maxi Foods.

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