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Sep 12, 2018


Oct 27, 2018




Fuse33 MakerSpace

by Shannon Hoover in Calgary

Business Plan

Located at 1720 Radisson Dr SE, FUSE33 MakerSpace is a ~9,000 sf facility and is the largest makerspace in Calgary. Containing a woodshop, metal shop, sewing studio, laser cutters, and a small 3D printing laboratory, FUSE33 is an organization that creates opportunities for individuals and companies to explore, learn, and experiment with all physical manifestations of the 3rd Industrial revolution and solve real-world problems.

We are currently seeking funding to complete several key pillars of our overall vision:

- Expand our additive manufacturing laboratory, and provide members with state of the art 3D printing tools, such as the newly emerged desktop SLA/SLS printers and associated post-processing facilities

- Set up an educational program that will train youth and other residents of Calgary on additive manufacturing and other emerging technologies, igniting their maker spirit

- Develop a solution to enable members to run full-time small businesses out of the facility

- Create an on-site business incubation program to help small businesses in bringing their ideas to market

- Other miscellaneous facility improvements


Comments (5)

Chelsea Alice says:

Fuse33 is one of the most collaborative and teamwork oriented places in Calgary for makers. Excited to use this amazing opportunity!

47 seconds ago

Samantha Brunner says:

Love being part of the makerspace ❤️

3 seconds ago

steven pilz says:

We love Fuse33. Great space, great people!

7 seconds ago

Brian Queen says:

Support for a great space!

52 seconds ago

Andrea Wall says:

You guys rock. Great vid, awesome space and the best community :) Here's to a fantastic campaign!

13 seconds ago


Andrew Loucks


Andrew started out as our Technology Director and web developer, but has expanded into so much more. A year ago he couldn't tell you the difference between a Robertson or a Phillips screwdriver, but has now made dozens of personal and professionally fabricated projects for Fuse33 and guided over 130 people through classes in our Woodshop, Metalshop, 3D printing lab and laser cutting studios.

Danny Eisenberg


Whether you need a custom fabrication job or are eager to brush up on shop safety protocol, Danny, our Director of Making, is your guy. What really turns Danny’s crank is participating in the evolution of taking an idea and turning it into reality. To him, the ability to ‘make’ can be equated to an increased opportunity for innovation through collaboration. In other words, he wants you to stop looking at your phones and talk to each other for once.

Max Schlagel


Max is a young Calgarian with a background in corporate finance who decided to join a creative group of individuals with a common goal of bringing a MakerSpace to our beautiful City. Max's passion is to move us away from a consumerist culture, and instead take pride in creating our own durable goods which are sure to last a lifetime. An avid hiker and traveler, Max shares his home with his wife and two cats.

Tim Knelson


Tim has been a maker ever since Fred Flintstone ate ribs. At a young age the urge to make things began with Lego and wood blocks, grew into building tree forts and eventually culminated into his professional career as a Carpenter. The experience he brings to the space as a carpenter of 16 years is not his only asset though. His passion for teaching flows from years of coaching hockey, guiding workshops, and now providing everyday help for Fuse33 members.

Sarah Slaughter


Sarah is a Calgary based visual artist whose practice is a reflection of her wide open perspective and respect for multi-disciplinary creation. Immersed in a world where art is everything, she distinguishes herself by her versatility and fearless approach to design and imagination.

Eddie Jaworenko


Eddie is an interdisciplinary designer with a strong background in digital design. His role at Fuse33 has grown to encompass digital fabrication, management of our 3D printing labs, and one-on-one education in these areas.

Maria Hoover


Born and raised in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico, a city filled with history, art and culture, Maria Elena moved to Calgary in 2004. As a graphic designer she has been doing consulting work for several small businesses, however her passion for the arts became the main focus when her and her husband opened Endeavor Arts in 2010. Since then she has worked hard to build a vibrant Calgary community around the convergence of art and technology. She also has been actively involved in the broader a...

Shannon Hoover


Shannon is an innovator and technologist as well as leader in the Canadian Maker movement. He is the co-founder of the globally renowned Fashion Technology startup Makefashion and WearLabs, as well as Calgary Maker Faire and Fuse33 Makerspace. He is devoted to improving his community and world through subversive change and art directed engineering. Passions include wearable tech and augmented self projects for MakeFashion and collaborating internationally to leverage maker culture improve quali...

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