Experience Alberta

by Jacquie Fenske fenske_jf@yahoo.ca

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Mar 08, 2017


Apr 22, 2017




Experience Alberta

by Jacquie Fenske in Fort Saskatchewan

Business Plan

I love Alberta. I love Albertans even more. Our province is home to some of the most incredible and breath-taking experiences, the world over, and yet there are thousands more struggling to move from the idea stage into tangible businesses, products and events.

This book will be Alberta-specific in its approach and advice; having been there myself with restaurant and rural tour businesses and learning from the inside out the most efficient ways to tackle provincial and municipal government regulations, I have a wealth of experience to share with aspiring entrepreneurs.

The book will not only include 'how to' advice but the story of how Fifendekel began around the kitchen table, how Chicks n Chaps line of condiments got their start and why Cougars on the Prowl is not only a great adventure but an economic windfall for our rural areas.  

There are so many ideas that never make it beyond the dream stage.  I'm sure you have one.  Sometimes just a push is needed to move that idea forward, sometimes a guiding hand and sometimes we need to be inspired by the stories of others.  

When I was young and walked to school, no, not uphill both ways, but it was often cold I wished someone would invent furnaces for my shoes.  Battery operated socks would have done.  Anyone remembering vacuuming a house an wishing it could vacuum itself? Voila, a roombot.  Someone took an idea many people wished for and they made it happen.  

You will find the rewards in the campaign are also the result of an idea gone real.  The handbags are from Guatemala and are the result of a trip two women from Leduc took to the country.  Recycling the amazing handiwork of the Guatemalan women led to these unique handbags. That's just one of the stories.  There are so many ideas waiting to become much more than a dream.  

With your help, I hope to get my book published and in the public domain so that more Albertans can live their passions.

Comments (15)

Terry Cade says:

Hi Jacquie wow you and your family have accomplished a lot and I have the feeling that you are a long ways off from stopping! Are the Chicks N Chaps available in stores? When is your book due to come out?

32 seconds ago

Susan MacDonald says:

Your motivation and perseverance is so refreshing. Follow your dreams!!

3 seconds ago

Nadine Stielow says:

GO Jacquie! I look forward to your publication and getting my hands on a signed edition! -Nadine

30 seconds ago

Patty Podoborozny says:

I can't wait to get my autographed copy, I know it's going to be great!

46 seconds ago

Angela Reid says:

Great job Jacquie & Thiels!

44 seconds ago

Sherry Beaudette says:

Jacquie inspires me with her energy, commitment & zeal for a challenge!!! There's no doubt she will SUCCEED!!!

16 seconds ago

Deanne Young says:

Congratulations Jacquie for being a Champion for Rural Alberta.

35 seconds ago


Jacquie, thank you for representing Alberta so well! Your innovation & passion for all that you do is truly inspiring.

36 seconds ago

Sandy Lewis says:

Way to go Jacquie😊😊😊

20 seconds ago

Eugenia Leskiw says:


21 seconds ago

Shannon Lyons says:

Go Jackie! Thank you for championing rural Alberta and Albertans!

45 seconds ago

Alana Seymour says:

You are a true inspiration to our community!

22 seconds ago

Bryanna Kumpula says:

We are so excited for your book! We are looking forward to spending an evening at the farm. We are supportive of your endeavours to build entrepreneurs and companies in rural Alberta.

31 seconds ago

Stacy Felkar says:

Best wishes your new initiative! You will rock it!

50 seconds ago

Dee Ann Benard says:

Jacquie, you are an awesome champion of rural Alberta and I wish you all the best with your book. You rock!

31 seconds ago


Jacquie Fenske


Teacher, politician, director, advocate, volunteer and entrepreneur, this motivator and rural firebrand wants to see rural communities not only survive but thrive. Jacquie has served on municipal council and as a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Alberta. She is actively involved in the family business since its humble beginnings over 30 years ago. Today the company employs over 60 people and operates 4 retail locations in Edmonton. She has a passion for the rural lifestyle. She...

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