Paws... The Cat Cafe

by Nicole Niska





Nov 08, 2017


Dec 23, 2017




Paws... The Cat Cafe

by Nicole Niska in Edmonton

Business Plan


Paws is looking for your support to develop the next phase of our one of a kind, custom-designed Cat Lounge! 

Paws started as a discussion between business partners Nicole and Mike, on their way home from a vacation in Seattle, Washington in late August 2016. This vacation had brought them to their first real cat cafe.

Nicole adores cats, and at one point, jokingly asked Mike if he would have any issues with her being a "stay-at-home cat mom" to their cats, Phineas and Isabella. That didn't go over so well. Mike enjoys a good cup of coffee, and being in Seattle, he'd had a lot of good coffees. They asked themselves, "What could be stopping us from opening a cat cafe with great coffee?" 

When they returned home, Nicole started making phone calls to see what requirements would be necessary in starting such an endeavour. Over the next year, Nicole researched, meeting by meeting, phone call by phone call, and now, Paws is projecting to open to the public early November 2017.

With your support on ATB Boostr, Paws would like to add to the current plan in the custom cat lounge. This expansion would include a flowing water system for the cats, like a water fountain or waterfall, an expansion on the current climbing structures to include another treehouse, and a spiral staircase play structure. This expansion creates an addition to the current level of playfulness in the lounge, by giving more levels and areas to interact with their guests in the lounge, and hide when a time-out may be needed. Paws values the safety, care and well-being of the cats.

The entire Paws experience has been designed to wow, from the moment you walk through our doors, check in for your reservation, enjoy your handcrafted cappuccino with an adorable hand painted cat macaron, or a stroopwafel with a "Bengal Blend" tea to energize you before heading back to work or class.

From the paintings in the cat lounge, from a local Edmonton tattoo artist, to the walls that can be written on and erased, and a room to enjoy all of this, that room being home to many cats for you to cuddle with, play with and adopt when you and your cat find each other. There will be a myriad of toys, chasers and even catnip bubbles, which the cats go nuts for!  We will also be featuring special events, such as kitTea Parties and Cats on Mats, our weekly yoga practice in the cat lounge. Paws is excited to unite the cat and coffee lovers in a unique and welcoming venue, exclusive to downtown Edmonton.   

We thank you for your time and consideration, and most importantly, your support!

Comments (8)

Hannah Gray says:

Nicole, your passion for your business tangible and contagious! So excited for you!

34 seconds ago

Stephanie Edwards says:

Love you, Nicole:)

19 seconds ago

Mark Power says:

On a whim, we stopped by the Cafe before it had opened. Even thought - the cafe wasn't officially opened. Nicole welcomed us in to look around and visit the cats. I was accompanied by a youth who was on a pass from the hospital for the afternoon. The past year had been very tough on her. Nicole was so welcoming and cheerful to accommodate us. The Cat's worked their therapeutic magic and the day was transformative for everyone. Paws is such a welcome addition to the Edmonton Community.

47 seconds ago

Nina McAviney says:

I look forward to enjoying some fancy coffees at your cafe!

32 seconds ago

Jim Avery says:

Welcome to the neighborhood!

54 seconds ago

Joanne St. Amant says:

U will be a great entrepreneur. Look forward to coming and joining u and the cats for a great cup of coffee.

47 seconds ago

Peggy Ripley says:

Nice work.

30 seconds ago

Danielle Verreault says:


52 seconds ago


Nicole Niska


My name is Nicole. I like coffee, and I love cats, while my business partner and husband, Mike, loves coffee and he likes cats. We know there are a lot of people out there who share the love for cats and good coffee. So, we created Paws, and in the process, we are supporting cats from the Edmonton Humane Society, and creating a welcome, engaging environment for them.

Kat Hockin


Hi! My name is Kat, and I qualify myself as a connoisseur of coffee and cats. Coffee, because I’ve spent seven years educating myself and perfecting my barista abilities and cats because, well, I live with five of them. I personally am owned by one cat named Lily, and the other four (Ace, Khali and Fi) belong to my parents. I hope that, with the option of adoption available at PAWS, more people are able to find such quality companions too. Other fun facts: I have a Bio/Psyc degree fro...

Jelani Williams


Hi! I'm Jelani, I'm 22 years old and I've never been without a cat my entire life! Cats have always been a part of my life, so when I first heard about Paws, it was a dream come true. I have wanted to work with cats ever since I heard about cat cafés in Japan, and now that Paws is opening right here in Edmonton, I couldn't be happier. I couldn't imagine a better place to work, Paws is truly a dream come true. I'm beyond excited to be part of the team!

Mike Niska


Funny enough I considered myself a "dog person" until I met Nicole. Then we got married and I had a friend who had a litter or kitties and he asked me if I wanted any. I am not sure they were as much for me as for Nicole, but they certainly grew on me as did my appreciation for my four legged feline friends. At the same time that I've developed my appreciation for cats, I've also been developing my palette for coffee and have come to greatly enjoy an excellent cup of coffee. It is a fant...

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