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Feb 26, 2017


Apr 12, 2017




Simply Supper

by Monita Chapman in Edmonton

Business Plan

About us:

Our primary vision is to take the guess work out of supper - we want to be at every supper table in Edmonton, helping individuals eat healthy and delicious meals and sit at the table to enjoy the company and conversation of their loved ones. We strived to bring people together through food, and bring out the inner Chef in you and tantalize your taste buds with new and traditional flavors.

The process:

Customers visit the Simply Supper website (www.simplysupper.ca) or call the store to order their meals and book their session. Each month the menu changes, with a variety of 12 menu items being offered each month and order the size that best fits their family; 2 – 3 people or 4 – 6 people

After the order is received, the fresh ingredients are ordered to arrive the same day the customer is arriving in the store. The ingredient is prepped, bagged, and laid out for the customer at the station for the meals they have chosen.

That month’s menu items are set up at one of the 13 stations within the store. Customers go around to each of the stations and assemble their meals, adding the ingredients, and following the easy to read instructions at each station.

Customers then bring their completed and ready to freeze meals home and store them in the freezer to be cooked for supper soon.

In addition to assembly sessions, we offer many additional offerings:

·        Summer BBQ Options

·        Simply Solo’s – individual fully cooked meals for seniors, lunch boxes or individuals.

·        Holiday Offerings, such as “Christmas Supper ready to be cooked”, or “Valentines Heart Shaped Pizza Dough”

·        Fondue ready to go – a package that includes all the items need to have a fondue dinner prepped and ready to cook

·        Food for Camping – meals to take on the road for camping

·        Special Dietary Meals – Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Low Fat


Why are we crowdfunding?

We want to expand!

Our store has been in its current location for 10 years and we are out growing our space.

The plan is to open a second store front on the Northwest Side of Edmonton to help us service our customer base in that area and be closer for our customers in St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan and Sturgeon County.

To kick off the process of opening a second store, we are crowdfunding to help us with some of the upfront costs, such as lease deposits, equipment deposits and the hiring of a designer.

Comments (21)

Shenneile Henry say:

I had the chance to see you present at the BoostR Stage in Edmonton and you were excellent. Congratulations on your success!!

27 seconds ago

Pamela Gasmo say:

So very proud of you!!!!!

30 seconds ago

Kimberly Shaw say:

Great job Monita and Simply Supper!

48 seconds ago

Daisy Bautista say:

"if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself "- Henry Ford Way to go Monita and crew!!!

51 seconds ago

Shannon Haworth say:

Love my Simply Supper girls night out! The food is great but your amazing staff is a bonus. Thanks for all that you do for us!

4 seconds ago


Super excited for you guys!!!!!

3 seconds ago

Melanie McKale say:

So proud of you, Monita! From Adam, Melanie, Foster and Mayah

40 seconds ago

Kathy House say:

Congratulations Monita and Denny - we are so happy for you both as your expand your amazing business!

21 seconds ago

Jody Larson say:

It was great to connect with you last night at the game after seeing you present at the booster event!!! I'll be by your current location soon!!!

54 seconds ago

Heather MacDonald say:

Looking forward to a location closer to me :) (St. Albert)

32 seconds ago

Tonya Barich say:

Good Luck! Looking forward to a north side location!

55 seconds ago

Diane Allenby say:

We are so proud. Please donate these meals to simply supper helps. Love your mom and dad.

11 seconds ago

Gregg Strynadka say:

Looking forward to the new location. Congratulations to you and your hard working staff!

3 seconds ago

Stacy Felkar say:

Best wishes with your business expansion!

41 seconds ago

Wendy Larson say:

You rock, Monita!

54 seconds ago

Monica Papp say:

Simply Supper is fun, easy and delicious!!

23 seconds ago

Sharleen Steinhauer say:

Best of luck!

16 seconds ago

Lisa Rea say:

Very exciting! Congratulations!

27 seconds ago

Gabrielle Lizotte say:

Congrats Monita!

3 seconds ago

Merissa McFarlane say:

Congrats on the expansion!

13 seconds ago

Sharla Madsen say:

All the best, Monita!

33 seconds ago


Monita Chapman


As a born and raised Edmontonian, mother of 3 children, wife, daughter and local business owner. I am committed to my community; to the profile of the city, the quality of the local businesses, to supporting my fellow business owners and showing my passion through my philanthropic work. One of the things I love about owning a business is that you can never predict what the day will present to you. It is this variety of tasks that keeps me energized and motivated.

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