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Jun 01, 2016


Jul 11, 2016





by Hannah & Dave in Calgary

Business Plan

CMNGD (COMMONGOOD) is a social enterprise committed to ending poverty; our 1st venture is a linen & laundry service for the hospitality industry in Calgary.


“We believe poverty can be solved through creative solutions that involve digging deeper into the issues that cause poverty; access to opportunity, living wage, affordable housing and mental health.” —Dave, Cofounder

We've heard from local owners and managers in the hospitality industry and they want a simple, reliable and local service they can count on without any smoke and mirrors or long punitive contracts.  We can deliver this and more - all the while doing something amazing for our city.

CMNGD Linens offers quality linen and custom laundry service, tailored to the needs of the high demand restaurant and hospitality businesses in Calgary.

We have partnered with the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre and our sustainable model will deliver employment mentorship, a real living wage, and support to those who face barriers to meaningful employment.  

"We measure ROI (return on investment) in the hours we've employed and the lives changed." - Hannah, Cofounder 

Every dollar counts.

Our operational costs are covered through business partnerships, which means every dollar raised goes towards on-boarding restaurants and employing those who face barriers to work.  

Our campaign goal is to on-board our first 10 restaurants and employ 1,000 hours, at a living wage, in the first 3 months. Over the next year our goal is to on-board a minimum of 30 restaurants and employ 10,000 hours at a living wage in Calgary.

With your help, we will surpass our goal and then we can on-board and scale faster - adding even more employment hours!

Doing this a little differently.

During this campaign we are going to be posting daily blogs, videos or podcasts talking about the expeirence of building a business, our tips and our failures - aka 'learning opportunities'! We will also be highlighting other social enterprises in our community. 

You can help us in 3 ways.

  • Help spread the word!  Like, tag, comment on this video and share with your friends, family, co-workers and the hospitality industry.
  • Rewards: we have put a lot of thought into how we can make these rewards cool & a little different, you will help provide meaningful employment & get something in return.
  • Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram; our community starts with you and we want to have a place to share stories & inspire each other along the way. 

We know that homelessness and poverty is a complicated, multi-layered issue... AND we also know that when we come together as a community in a thoughtful and collaborative manner, we can create amazing & innovative solutions. 

We are so excited for you to join the CommonGood community!

~ Hannah & Dave, CMNGD Founders

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Hannah Cree


Hello, my name is Hannah. A backpack full of clothes, my cat in my purse and knee deep in water; the Calgary 2013 Flood forever changed me. After the flood, we had an outpouring of help from friends and family. At one point we had over 15 strangers in our home, dragging out water logged furniture and soggy memories. We could have been homeless, but we weren't because we have an incredible ecosystem of support emotionally, physically and financially. After recovering and rebuildin...

Dave Cree


Hello, my name is Dave. I was homeless. It only lasted one day, it was a requirement for a leadership course I was attending. We had to 'dress up', walk the streets and put our hand out and ask for money. It's a day I will never forget, people would not look at me and some would even cross the street when they saw me coming. The shame, desperation and emotional distress of the homeless people I met that day was forever etched into my mind and heart. This has led me to y...

Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre


Vision: The needs of people who are homeless or at risk are met in a respectful, comprehensive and safe way. Mission: To prevent homelessness where possible, offer care and shelter when needed, and provide opportunities for people to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives. Goals: To effectively meet Calgary’s changing needs for homeless shelter and care; To be a valued presence in the community; To be the employer of choice; To strengthen our impact through strong ties with civic and pro...

Alberta Laundry Systems


Daryl Pospisil runs Alberta Laundry Systems by the same principles set down by his father, Roy, over 35 years ago: customer service, honesty, and integrity. Roy Pospisil opened his first Laundromat in 1969. It was the very first laundromat in Calgary with more than 2 Wascomat triple loaders. His business grew to four laundromats with a total of 35 coin operated Wascomat triple loaders as well as over 150 top load washers. Daryl’s introduction to the family business came at 14 years old, w...

Octopus & Son Social Media


We are a multi-disciplinary agency of social media specialists, designers & project managers focused on providing engagement-driven marketing. We do this by cultivating specific audiences. Users that engage in such a manner as to advocate for your brand long after the browser is closed. Our goal is simple, to help build community and brand recognition through social media engagement, all in your own unique voice. We do this by creating strategies that fit your needs, set proper expectations ...

Laundromat Studios


Laundromat Studios is a boutique strategic content developer with a focus on outdoor and documentary style editing. See their portfolio here:

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A crazy thing happened. A friend’s dad got lost in the Jasper / Banff forest for 17 days, of course we all assumed the worse. Watching the updates on Facebook, thinking the unimaginable….


Then out walks Bill onto the road! 7 days no food and barely any water! Bill needed a ride to the airport in Calgary to catch a flight back to be with his very anxious and worried family in Toronto. Bill was a stranger to us but I knew Nahum through working together at an event in Toronto.


When David & I picked him up the first thing out of Bill’s mouth was:


“Yeah I was lost but it was an amazing & life changing experience.”


Think about that for a moment. Here was this man, LOST, ALONE in a huge forest for 17 days, after 10 days he had no food, barely any water and wild animals every where.


Bill could have cried, felt sorry for himself, demanded an intervention, did nothing but he still would be in the same place. Instead, he looked down at the little pack strapped to his front that said “Keep Walking” and that’s what he did.


Everyday he chose to keep going, hiking up and down the mountains, into these valleys and then to find a safe place sleep. He had to do the work each day, trying to stay alive and find a way out. He had to trust that others & complete strangers were trying to find him. He had to do the work AND trust.


Truthfully I jumped at the chance of picking up Bill, I was looking at ways we could procrastinate. We are in the final days of our Alberta BoostRCampaign for CMNGD and my anxiety has gotten the best of me. It's a big vision to employ the homeless at a living cost and we need people to give to reach our $10k goal or we get none of the funds raised to date.


But picking up Bill was a blessing to us. Because he, unknowingly, showed us that we must do the work. We must hustle, even when things look bad or impossible. We must find a way out.… but that is not all.

We must also trust. We must trust in ourselves and in others, even complete strangers that there is a support system out there working on your behalf.


And finally how to receive. How to receive people’s help and be deeply grateful for all that is given.


Thank you Bill, we needed you to show us that it takes HUSTLE, TRUST and a lot of GRATITUDE to find your way out.


So we are going to 'Keep Walking' and one day our paths will cross again Bill.