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Nov 18, 2017




Agnes in August

by Kourtney Branagan in Calgary

Business Plan

Agnes in August was created in 2015 after an incredible response from a personal post of a piece of string art I made for my family. I didn't intend for that piece to receive so much attention but I knew I had potential.I decided to give it a go as a business opportunity, something that would help my family bank a few extra dollars on the side of my other business. That winter I sold at Market Collective and quickly picked up wholesale accounts through 2016. I made the hard decision in June 2016 to let my job as in Interior Decorator go to focus fulltime on the growing and exciting opportunities with Agnes in August. 

Agnes in August has ten retail locations and I continue to sell at local markets. There is a large part of mountain loving interior BC who haven't had the chance to see my work. My goal is to travel and introduce my products to areas like Kimberly, Fernie, Invermere, and the like. There are some fantastic local businesses here and I can't wait to work with them.

Having a solid wholesale base means I can step back from selling at markets. I love markets but I have a passion for creating something bigger than myself, something I could never tackle myself. I've met the most talented and dedicated people through markets and I want to create an opportunity for them to push their creative boundaries.

By asking multiple makers and artists to work and collaborate on a unique theme we can create a seasonal collection of products with limited pieces. These works will all compliment each maker and provide a chance for local enthusiasts to get their hands on something special.

The strength of the maker community lies within our relationships. We support and champion each other, share resources, and collectively work towards raising awareness of the importance of supporting local and how that bolsters our economy. Education and public awareness on the value, investment, and opportunities created when a person shop local are key to making this project a success.

There is also a component of mentorship for new and incoming artists into the industry. As makers we have learnt by some fabulous successes but also some tragic mistakes. Connecting with each other to share our knowledge base, encourage growth, and continue our support for one another means we can all succeed - there is room for everyone.

Comments (7)

stacy cockwill says:

Good luck in achieving your goal!

6 seconds ago

Kayla Cooper says:

Wishing you all the best in your campaign! Makers supporting makers!

44 seconds ago

Karen Snell says:

Wishing you great success Kourtney!

14 seconds ago

Emily Korolew says:

I love your Instagram feed. So vibrant, colourful and creative! Good luck!

13 seconds ago

Anna Grose says:

Love you Kourtney, and may all your dreams and aspirations be manifest!

41 seconds ago

Sue Anderson-Rodgers says:

You Go Girl

44 seconds ago

Katie Nedjelski says:

Congrats Kourtney! Can't wait to see you smash our goal.

48 seconds ago


Kourtney Branagan


Creative, Designer, Maker, Coffee Drinker.

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