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Mar 01, 2017


Apr 15, 2017





by Sara Barreto in Calgary

Business Plan


WafflePops is a new destination for delicious gourmet waffles served in an innovative and fun way, while paired with delicious toppings like fresh fruits, homemade sauces and brand sauces, self-made low sugar whip cream and more.

The Company: The idea of the WafflePops came about after performing continuous research in the fast food industry where the founders wanted to gain entry into the market by creating an establishment with healthy beverages. This idea was later tweaked to have something that would give the establishment an edge by promoting a product never seen in the Canadian market and was yet very innovative in the way the product was to be delivered, fun and have an overall premium feeling. Throughout the research it was noticed that there was a void in breakfast style type fast food chains and that that the most popular item on most breakfast/brunch menus where waffles to which many Canadians love the idea of a waffle pairing with their own choice of topping.


We strive to create and promote our great tasting, innovative and flavorful way to enjoy great waffle recipes on the go.  Our vision is to provide excellent service, while providing an excellent product that is fun, tasty and affordable.

Don’t Live a Little, Live a Waffle!

Our slogan defines our business culture. We want to remind our customers that life is fun and it is about those memorable moments that you enjoy with your families and friends. We hope to achieve customer excellence by providing a care free and fun attitude towards how we interact with our customers and a unique consumer experience. Furthermore, our business philosophy follows these simple rules:

  • May we always put a smile in our Customer’s face through our innovative products and mind-blowing performances every single time.
  • May we strive to reliably deliver excellent service and memorable experiences that exceed our Customer’s expectations.
  • We believe that while the eyes are the windows to the soul, the mouth is the gateway.


Product/Service Description: WafflePops as its name suggests is a delicious pine tree shape buttermilk waffle batter mix with wholesome ingredients that Canadians have come to love on a stick which makes our waffles easier to enjoy than an ordinary waffle. The WafflePops are accompanied by delicious toppings from our menu or of the customer’s choosing. Additional toppings can be selected for an added price. Our WafflePop batter contains rich buttermilk and vanilla flavors/aromas that by itself it has a wonderful taste that brings the kid in everyone. The smell of the batter alone lends itself to attract attention and is very inviting to the senses, once you have a taste it’s a whole new experience. The batter itself consists of traditional home ingredients such as: flour, baking soda, milk, buttermilk, eggs, sugar, oil, salt and a series of our secret ingredients for best results to reflect the typical flavors that Canadian’s love in their waffles. Our products are unique in the Canadian market and convey the message that breakfast can be fun and exciting for the customer while also providing great topping options which include many organic spreads that everyone in the family will love. 

WafflePops will be a destination with a premium appeal and a catered customer service where our customers can create memorable experiences. Currently WafflePops has acquired the website domain http://www.wafflepops.ca


We are looking for help to boost our campaign. We need $5,000 to purchase the equipment and advertisement for WafflePops. We hope that by being part of this campaign we can obtain exposure and build our brand reputation. Check out our rewards in exchange for your financial contribution.


WafflePops was showcased on Global News Calgary


WafflePops took the grand prize at Venture Quest Business Idea competition



Comments (10)

Wellington Wamburi says:

Good luck guys. Proud of you for the entrepreneurial spirit.

22 seconds ago

Stephany Carmona says:

You guys are awesome!!!!! <3

23 seconds ago

Juan Heredia says:

Muchísima suerte!!!

31 seconds ago

George Bermudez says:

Good luck guys!

31 seconds ago

Mahbuba Hakimi says:

I want to congratulate you on your idea of WafflePops. I think it's a great idea that will pick up a lot of traction in Calgary and I can definitely see many a large customer base for this product. May you reach your goal with everyone's help to open a location in Calgary soon. Great Idea and Great People = Success

49 seconds ago

Chelsea Senger says:

Good luck mi Amiga!

37 seconds ago

Diego Reyez says:

Awesome idea, I can't wait to try them!! love the video!! Good luck!!

50 seconds ago

Mohammad Malek says:

I wish you the best of luck! Hope you are very successful!

36 seconds ago

Ambinintsoa Randriamampandry says:

Good luck Sara & John!

31 seconds ago

Marina Murguia says:

With your passion, courage, hard work and determination I'm sure you will succeed!

41 seconds ago


John Betancourt


Co-owners/creator of WafflePops. John brings in his charisma as people person and his expertise to various parts of the WafflePops project. Some of his current duties include: - In charge of financing and administrative duties. Currently developing business plans for organizations in order to raise funds for the business venture. - Developing relationship with suppliers and vendors (locally and abroad) to minimize operational costs and creating efficient operational methods. - In charge...

George Bermudez


George brings in his skills in logistics, marketing and human resources to WafflePops. George is Business Administration graduate with five years of administrative and client service experience. George has a very professional attitude towards any task that he undertakes with experience under his belt in logistics and client support. George was in charge of operations, candidate pre-screening, data collection, scheduling, payroll, benefits and client relations at Hot Shots Dispatcher in Calgary....

Andrei Banu


Andrei has been assigned in charge of Social Media and marketing due to his experience and education. He holds a business administration diploma from Bow Valley College and is currently the head bartender at Tropical on 17th and is familiar with daily operations of the bar/restaurant. Andrei Banu is also an entrepreneur at heart having won the grand prize of the Venture Quest competition at Bow Valley College on 2016 with his idea of LightBox.

Sara Barreto


Sara has owned several small fast food joints in Colombia while attending university to pursue her degree in Environmental Engineering. Sara is a very creative individual who pursues entrepreneurial ventures at every chance she gets. She is currently in the beverages industry working as the bartender manager in Tropical on 17th in Calgary. Sara has insights into the food industry having had different experiences owning her fast food joints including: food carts in front of her university sellin...

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Exciting News


1.       We have created 3 special boostr rewards for our fans to get a first taste of our WafflePops. We are hosting an event on April the 16th at Tropical on 17th from 11am – 3pm. Through our special boostr rewards you will be able to get 2, 4 or up to 8 delicious WafflePops for this event.


2.       We are close to securing the next location for WafflePops, our timeline is to open by the beginning of summer 2017, and so for those of you who have not yet had the chance to contribute and jump in the bandwagon here is your chance.