Original Redhead Condiments

by Stuart Whyte info.Originalredhead@gmail.com

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May 05, 2018


Jun 19, 2018




Original Redhead Condiments

by Stuart Whyte in Edmonton

Business Plan

Original Redhead Condiments wants to expand operations and continue developing products with the taste, and quality you have come to know and love. 

The expansion will include the "greening" of the product packaging and the introduction of recipes, and unique ways of using Original Redhead products. Original Redhead Condiments believes in sustainability and is mindful of creating as little impact on the environment whenever possible.

The Ask & The Give 

Original Redhead Condiments is seeking $15,000 in order to expand operations. The funds will be used for:

• Equipment in order to automate much of the packaging process including automatic labeling;

• Upgrading to a greener and more effective product package in order to reduce waste, and increase product longevity;

• Continuing research and development to expand the current product line; and

• Educating people on the health benefits of Original Redhead and fermented products.

Additional funds will be used for general operations. Local markets, retail and restaurant locations throughout Edmonton, and eventually Canada will see benefits from your donations. 

In return for your support, we have created a variety of fun, and unique rewards to choose from. We hope one piques your interest and raises the fun factor for your current food adventure. 


Why Support Original Redhead Condiments?

Original Redhead condiments was created with the condiment connoisseur and health-conscious fermented foodies in mind. Stuart brings a broadening knowledge of fermentation and nutrition to Edmonton’s diverse food scene. With these values in mind he hopes to make healthy flavorful foods more accessible to Edmontonians everywhere.


The Original Lineup

In Original Redhead Condiments’ current lineup, there are a variety of products packed with tons of flavour and gut-healthy pro and pre-biotics. Our lineup includes: 

• Salsa Verde

• Salsa Roja

• Original Redhead – “Like Sriracha but better”

• Habanero Tarragon Sauce

• Jalapeno Leek Sauce

• Hopped Honey Mustard – A collaboration project with Bent Stick Brewery

• Pickled Onions, and jalapenos

• Season-All (spice rub)

The Science Behind the Sauces

It’s no secret that eating a diet rich in fermented foods is good for you. Our fermented line of products utilizes a process that preserves food naturally, and creates beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and several strains of probiotics. Plus, it boosts endorphins and releases serotonin in the brain (the happy chemical), scientifically making you happier.

Our fresh salsas are free of preservatives, excess amounts of salts & sugars, and other harmful additives. We truly believe that fresh tastes better.

Meet Original Redhead Condiments' Original Redhead

Stuart Whyte (yes, he's a redhead) is the creator of Original Redhead Condiments.

He's been in the culinary industry for more than a decade and has worked in several kitchens with renowned chefs throughout Western Canada. 

With his experience, proprietary recipes, and a penchant for success, Stuart is ready to take the next step in expanding operations with the help of the community (that's you!). 

We believe this business can be a long-term success because of the amazing support from the community already, and the encouragement to continue raising the bar in condiment and side dish flavours. 

This isn't just about us though. Part of Original Redhead's philosophy is that working with the community and promoting as many others as possible all along the way is paramount to our success. 

Risks & Challenges

The biggest risk or challenge, like any other business, is the inability to scale at the rate of demand. This is the main reason for seeking the support in raising the capital required to scale up in an effective and efficient manner, in order to meet the growing demand for the Original Redhead Condiments product. 

How You Can Help

Of course, the main way you can contribute to the success of this campaign is to purchase one of the awesome rewards available. Other ways you can help is by helping us spread the word as much as possible including sharing, liking, tagging, forwarding whatever you can, to everyone you know. 

So, what do you say? Trust your gut and support the campaign!

Yours in sauce, 


Stuart Whyte 

Founder and Head Chef

Original Redhead Condiments 


Comments (21)

Nick Wiebe says:

Best hot sauce i have ever tried! Im alwags busy on the weekends so I never make it down to the market for some. Keep on going!

10 seconds ago

Sylvia Cheverie says:

Sorry it took so long! I'm the worst!

14 seconds ago

Yvan Chartrand says:

Love your stuff and your entrepreneur spirit.

21 seconds ago

Cara Speidel says:

So happy to help! Keep up he amazing work. :)

31 seconds ago

Sarah Newton says:

Take my money! Good luck :) size L for the tee (If unisex)

5 seconds ago

Lauren Terlecki says:

Loved the hotsauce I tried at the farmers market, excited to learn more at the cooking class! yay!

42 seconds ago

Chantal Richard says:

Amazing sauces! Happy fermenting!

29 seconds ago

Caliber Insurance Solutions Ltd. Steve Hauk says:

Cheers to the entrepreneurial spirit. Good luck with your campaign!

59 seconds ago

Scott Kendall says:

Stu you saucy Mofo! Let's do this!!!

45 seconds ago

Rebecca Doherty says:

You can do it!!!

9 seconds ago

Andrea Chan says:

Love your sauces! :)

35 seconds ago

Boocha Beverages Inc says:

Can you pass the sauce?!

46 seconds ago

Kaiya Derkach says:

all my love to you!

36 seconds ago

Ryan Reimer says:

The power of social Media thanks to your friends at Bent Stick brewing!

51 seconds ago

Sarah Newton says:

Hey! For my sauces I'd like verse, leek and original redhead :) thanks Stu and good luck!

21 seconds ago

Silvia Ronzani says:

Your sauces are simply AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

9 seconds ago

Jane Keelan says:

Beat of luck Stuart with the business we look forward to sampling your products.

56 seconds ago

Janicr Sharlow says:

Good Luck Stuart!

18 seconds ago

Louis Francis says:

A really great product, it would be a pleasure to see more of it in more places. I got the small sauce box: Salsa Roja, Original Redhead, and Hopped Honey Mustard.

14 seconds ago

Jenny Gao says:

Hi Stuart! Great to see you taking the next step! All the best with the campaign. For the box I would like Salsa Verde, Habanero Tarragon Sauce, and Jalapeno Leek Sauce. Looking forward to trying them all! - Jenny

22 seconds ago

Stuart Whyte says:

Proud of you!

34 seconds ago


Stuart Whyte


Stuart's passions for healthy living, good food, and quality are what bring his condiments to life. Having worked in the food industry for over a decade, he has a very well rounded understanding and appreciation for well balanced flavor. Many of the fermented sauces take at least 1 month to finish, and much like the flavor- Stuart's love for the science has matured over time.

Kaiya Derkach


Kaiya's teaching approach is purely an expression of her perspective and relation to her personal practice. Having been a yoga practitioner for years before she even thought about becoming a teacher, she has a very strong understanding of proper alignment in her own body, and her classes clearly reflect that. Kaiya is a Sattva RYT 200 hour, and registered with The Yoga Alliance.

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Dear Original Redhead Backers,

If you were hoping to get the brunch reward, it's sold out. There are still many rewards to choose from including a catered bbq party and Original Redhead Condiments starter packs. 


We appreciate all the support you've given us so far hope you can still take action in other ways you can help: 

  • Share a Perk with a friend
    • Help a friend get in on our exclusive pricing by sharing the perks with friends. 

  • Join us on social media
    • You’ll get even more info on what we’re up to by liking our Facebook page.

We know many of you have questions, so please feel free to reach out to us at our support address info.originalredhead@gmail.com. Our team will respond promptly within 48 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in Sauce, 


Stuart Whyte 

Original Readhead Founder