Curvy Collective - Because Style Has No Size!

by Aymie Rondeau

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Feb 01, 2019


Feb 28, 2019




Curvy Collective - Because Style Has No Size!

by Aymie Rondeau in Calgary

Business Plan

Thank-you for taking the time to check out Curvy Collective, for supporting our campaign and women entrepreneurs!

Curvy Collective was founded in 2018 by Aymie Rondeau.  Aymie is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years of professional experience in Accounting, Finance and Talent Acquisition.  Aymie has always had a love for fashion, enjoying shopping online and internationally for unique and carefully curated pieces to add to her wardrobe.  However, once she started shopping for plus-sized lines, she found herself disappointed with the lack of selection available in Calgary, and the poor quality of designs that were not suited to a professional woman progressing in her career.  As she started connecting with other plus-sized women across North America, they voiced similar complaints about the lack of modern, high-quality, size-inclusive fashion.  That is what sparked the idea to develop and grow Curvy Collective not only in Calgary, but across Alberta and Canada.


Curvy Collective’s initial concept is to build an online shopping platform, with online and in-person personal styling services, and offer pop-up shops in the Calgary area.  Our long-term plan is to open a brick-and-mortar boutique in Calgary.  We will offer unique, high-quality and reasonably-priced size-inclusive fashion not readily available today in the Canadian market, sourcing brands from North America, Europe and Australia.  Our target market is modern, professional women in the 25-55 age range.


The name Curvy Collective was inspired by being proud of a woman’s curves, celebrating size diversity, and bringing people together in community.  We are founded on the values of exceptional customer service, body positivity and encouraging health at every size.  We believe that plus-sized women deserve safe, non-judgmental spaces to shop in, and the same quality of service and design, and quantity of fashion that is available to straight-sized women.  Curvy Collective’s goal is to change the conversation around how the world views and accepts people in larger bodies, and how plus-sized women view themselves: as confident, capable and worthy.


Investing in Curvy Collective represents a unique opportunity to invest in an untapped and under-represented market.  Currently in Calgary and across Canada, there are very few (and in some Canadian cities, NO) boutiques that are focused on providing modern fashion to plus-sized women in the 25-55 age range.  Our goal is to be first-to-market, bringing new and unique size-inclusive brands to Canada, such as NYDJ, Eliza J, London Times, Maree Pour Toi, and Hope & Harvest.  We will focus on high-quality, investment pieces, as a lot of the plus-sized fashion available today is in the “disposable” or “fast fashion” category that needs to be replaced quickly.


While our message is one of inclusion, our focus will be on plus-sized clothing.  Most plus-sized fashion lines start at sizes 0X or 1X and run up to size 4X.  However, we will source brands who offer sizes beyond 4X as they are available and meet our design and quality expectations.  Curvy Collective would love to sell fashion lines in all sizes, however there are few to no brands who sell consistent lines from XS up to 4X on a wholesale basis.  It is no secret that plus-sized women are significantly under-represented when it comes to high-quality fashion in Canada, and it’s time for this to change


Curvy Collective also has a social message: To create safe, size-inclusive spaces for plus-sized women, and those who identify as female or femmes, to comfortably shop in.  A common complaint of plus-sized women is the shame they feel when shopping in public for clothing, and they often leave the stores feeling frustrated, embarrassed and depressed.  The Health at Every Size (HAES) and body positivity movements are gaining steam around the world, however limited resources are available in Calgary and across Canada.  We intend to offer workshops, seminars and speaking engagements to the community, to allow women increased opportunities to learn about HAES, and gather together with like-minded people.


Above all, it is critical that Curvy Collective provides our clients with exceptional shopping experiences.  When we think of fashion retailers who provide world-class service to their clientele, stores like Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew come to mind, where customers are offered personal styling services, alterations, inviting dressing room and lounge areas, bottled water and more.  However, these shopping experiences are typically catered towards straight-sized females, and women in larger bodies are left out of the equation.  This is despite the fact that 68% of North American women wear a Size 14 or higher, and they spent $21.4 billion on plus-sized clothing in 2016.


Participating in the ATB Build Her Business crowdfunding competition provides us with a unique opportunity to introduce Curvy Collective to the Alberta business community and test our target market.  We are crowdfunding to raise initial start-up capital, to be used towards the cost of building our online shopping platform and sourcing inventory from around the world.  We welcome the opportunity to connect with prospective investors who are interested in our exciting long-term growth plan!


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my partner Kieran Macauley, my friends and family (in particular Jamie Smith – thank-you for your words of encouragement!), videographer Emery Pastachak, coach Janice MacPherson, the team at ATB Financial, the plus-size and body positive communities, and all of the local businesses who generously donated rewards towards the campaign.  Thank you for believing in me, and for helping to make this dream a reality.  This would not be possible without your support!


With Gratitude,



Aymie Rondeau

Comments (52)

Kieran Macauley says:

Contribution made on behalf of Bentley!

55 seconds ago

Breanne Leclerc says:

Congrats Aymie! So proud of how far you’ve come. Your such an inspiration to all women entrepreneurs. Thanks for supporting me in my business, now to return the favour. Best of luck finishing strong!!

11 seconds ago

Lindsay Grisdale says:

Aymie you did a fantastic job, congratulations!

23 seconds ago

Sarah Murdoch says:

Can’t wait to see this come to life!

7 seconds ago

Candisse McCormick says:

Congratulations!! Keep on being amazing!!

15 seconds ago

Brittany Rondeau says:

So proud of all you have accomplished!

16 seconds ago

Brenda Johnston says:

You’ve work hard so hope you make it!

25 seconds ago

Janet Segato says:

All the best with your business Aymie.

50 seconds ago

Ednica Newbold says:

Great to see women represented in all shapes and sizes!!! Wishing you all the best in this enture!!!

53 seconds ago

Olga Cherednichenko says:

Good Luck!

13 seconds ago

Jenna Greig says:

I adore what you are doing! I can't wait to see what else you have in store! :)

22 seconds ago

Jodi Tarney says:

I am so excited about this. Awesome job.

36 seconds ago

yang wang says:

Good luck with your fund raising effort Aymie!

43 seconds ago

Sandi Illsley says:

I would be totally excited to have more clothing opportunities. Good luck!

34 seconds ago

Ray Hauser says:

Good luck, Aymie!

30 seconds ago

Meghan Huchkowsky says:

w00t w00t! Wait. Do people still say w00t w00t? Who cares, anyways I hope your campaign slays and you gets all the monies and I can't wait for my beer tickets and shirt! Rooting for you. OR should I say w00ting for you. I'm here all week.

50 seconds ago

Vicky Cato says:

I love what you're doing and admire you so much! I'm so excited for this :)

52 seconds ago

Megan Schmidt says:

Good luck Aymie! I love your business idea and wish you all the best!

22 seconds ago

Ronelle Nelson says:

So incredibly wonderful ❤️

28 seconds ago

Amanda Nelson says:

Aymie YOU ROCK, you are an inspiration and I so admire you. Women like you will change the world, and I’m all for supporting and helping however I can! Get it girrrrrrl!!!!

17 seconds ago

Vincci Tsui says:

Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. You're doing important and amazing work, Aymie - good luck!

54 seconds ago

Jill Yemen says:

My favourite entrepreneur!

42 seconds ago

April Ash says:

Good luck girl!

59 seconds ago

Julie Ramsay says:

I absolutely love your idea Aymie and wish you every success! ❤️❤️

13 seconds ago

Lois Mafrica-Slaney says:

Looking forward to shopping your boutique!

37 seconds ago

Krista Sargent says:

Such a great idea and can't wait to see you succeed!

45 seconds ago

Lindsay Grisdale says:

Simply a fantastic idea - I'm excited to see how Curvy Collective will develop in the future. Go Aymie!

23 seconds ago

Natalie Forman says:

As a plus-size woman I find its often really difficult to find cute, fun, affordable clothing that makes me feel my best. Thank you for seeing the need and recognizing how you can fill it - I wish you the best of luck and hope you meet your target!

11 seconds ago

Emery Pastachak says:

This is SO needed in the Calgary community - thank you Aymie for providing this!

18 seconds ago

Aymie Rondeau says:

Contribution made on behalf of Elana Macauley. Thank-you Elana!

45 seconds ago

Angela Gosselin says:

Aymie, what a bold and purposeful move you are making. Proud to know a fellow CA stepping out to make a difference.

57 seconds ago

Fola Ayodele says:

You’ve got this Aymie !

1 seconds ago

Lyndsey Hoff says:

I'm so proud of you Aymie! Can't wait to rock my t shirt :)

30 seconds ago

Alane Smith says:

Hoping suits are part of your vision!

15 seconds ago

Lori Gibbs says:

I love this idea & think you're going to be wildly successful!

43 seconds ago

Rochelle Lamoureux says:

I love this!

38 seconds ago

Barbara Allbee says:

Best Wishes!!

14 seconds ago

Kelly Boudreau says:

Go Aymie go!!!

37 seconds ago

Shannon Smith says:

Way to go Hun! Much needed and will support you anyway I can!

38 seconds ago

Carrie Lentz says:

You got this girl! Such a need and happy to support! Will share in Edm👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

47 seconds ago

Barbara Clay says:

Good luck Aymie!

17 seconds ago

Krista Supervich says:

I would like the t-shirt in size Large

34 seconds ago

Andrea Keesey says:

Love that you are doing this Aymie! Great concept. -Andy

38 seconds ago

Jasprit Gill says:

All the Best.! Great going!

20 seconds ago

Mera Murphy says:

Good luck with your campaign Aymie! We're rooting for you :-)

36 seconds ago

Keren Houlgate says:

Go Aymie!

25 seconds ago

Sheena Denscombe says:

You go, girl! I'll support you any way I can! We "curvy" girls, from Saskatchewan, need to support each other! I must congratulate you on being so courageous and taking this big step! Congratulations!!!

38 seconds ago

Lauren powel says:

This is amazing, Aymie. Keep it up! Love, The Powels

26 seconds ago

Cory Rondeau says:

You need exactly $178.50/day to reach your goal. Hope this helps you smash it!!

21 seconds ago

Jan Rondeau says:

Let’s get this girl!!!

2 seconds ago

Kieran Macauley says:

Good luck babes! We love you xoxox

13 seconds ago

Aymie Rondeau says:

Good luck babes! I know you will smash this! We love you!

5 seconds ago


Aymie Rondeau


Curvy Collective was founded by Aymie Rondeau. Aymie was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, and moved to Calgary in 2004 to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance. Aymie completed her Chartered Accountant designation in 2006, after completing the Master of Professional Accounting degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Aymie has had a unique career in Accounting and Finance, holding progressive positions in Calgary and Australia with KPMG, Suncor and Shaw. She also worked in th...

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Kieran Macauley

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Aymie Rondeau

$100 on 2/1/2019 at 7:08 AM




We are so excited to be supported by many local businesses in the Calgary area, who have generously donated rewards towards our campaign.  


Released this week (February 13th and 14th):


  • "Enjoy My Curves" tee in Cherry Red in Sizes Small to 4X
  • "Curvy Girls Cuddle Better" baseball tee in White with Pink sleeves/screen print in Sizes Small to 4X 


Released this week (February 10th):


  • Gift basket packed with skin and facial care goodies from Dharmacare
  • Manicure and pedicure gift certificate from Bre Beauty Box
  • Lash lift and tint, and brow wax and tint gift certificate from Grazuole Lash Spa


Released this week (February 3rd):


  • Brewery tour with growler and one free refill from True Buch Kombucha.  There are TWO of these rewards available for $50.00 EACH
  • Calgary Beerfest Tickets - General Admission for Friday, May 3rd.  We have 20 tickets up for grabs for $20.00 EACH


Thank-you SO MUCH to everyone who has supported us so far!  There will be more rewards throughout the month, so please help us spread the word!


With Gratitude,



Curvy Collective