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Feb 01, 2019


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The Cove Tea Company

by Sherry & Carrie Lawler in Edmonton

Business Plan

When travelling to new cities, you find comfort & community within the walls of cafés, coffee shops, and tea houses. Hubs of the community, cafés unite locals with tourists and visitors alike.

Everyone gathered around a pot of tea, discussing their day and relaxing from life’s busyness. 

Welcome to The Cove Tea Company

With your help, we’ll open The Cove Tea Co.: a rustic, modern tea shop in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta. Our concept is simple: fresh, high-quality teas, delicious fresh food, and a community gathered in a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

The Cove Tea Co. is focussed on high-quality loose leaf teas, curated from the world’s most skilled tea farmers. Quality tea leaves blended with natural ingredients to bring the fullest flavours to your cup.  

From Dream to Reality

The Cove Tea Company has been a dream of Sherry’s for nearly 20 years. During University, she’d walk passed buildings, vying their compatibility for a tea shop. Over the years, the discussion grew between two sisters as a way to stay connected over the kilometres between them.

Every trip, every visit, they take any chance they get to scope out new coffee shops, cafés, and tea shops – noting what they loved about each. Of course, there’s always the moment of discern over a terrible cup of tea. 

The discussions grew. The dream is making its way to reality as a brick-and-mortar location soon …  

Our Tea Shop Café

The Cove Tea Company is still searching for the perfect location. The room will be inviting, warm, and welcoming. Rustic modern touches to gently embrace you as you sit with a great book, a beautiful cup of tea, and enjoy each moment. 

It will be a tribute to the history of tea, the bits and bobs you remember when you sat down with your grandmother gossiping over her pot of tea. 

Our Teas

Loose leaf teas are the magic behind the Cove Tea Company. And, we honestly can’t wait to share them with you. 

The staples will be there to comfort you on the days you need a reassuring cup of tea. Not to fret, though, you’ll find plenty of new blends to delight your teacup. Seasonal blends will adorn our canisters for you to find new favourites and add flair to each visit to the tea shop and to your pot of tea at home. 

Summer will see wonderful iced teas awaiting to cool you on those hot, Edmonton summer evenings. Tea lattes to warm the chill of our long winters away. 

Our Menu

Who doesn’t love a fresh, buttery croissant with a freshly poured English Breakfast tea? A warm scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam accompanied by a Highland Toffee. A crème brûlée with a crisp Jasmine Pearl. 

Our menu will pair well with our selection of high-quality loose leaf teas. From our pastries to our desserts, you’ll have ample baked goods to delight your senses. 

Our light café menu will also pair well with our teas. It’ll be a unique take on pairing teas with tasty plates. And, we’ve challenged our chef to kick things up a notch. You won’t be disappointed! 

Our Service

You will be welcomed at the Cove Tea Company as though you’re walking into our home. Essentially you will be. 

Attentive. Informative. Friendly. Efficient. Welcoming. 

All you need to do: choose a tea, add a plate or two, relax, and enjoy. We understand every guest experience is unique, and our focus will be providing a made-to-measure memory each time you visit.

We aim to remember you, your preferences, your stories … and we can’t wait to hear them! 

Our Community

A bustling tea shop is built by an active community. And, an active community is our aim. We’re excited to collaborate with local farmers whenever possible because we know their produce just tastes better; and, they help our province prosper.  

The Cove Tea Company aims to create an atmosphere that celebrates passers-by stopping in for a visit, meeting new friends, and enjoying the joyful chatter of the room. 

We’re looking to create a space to help celebrate some of Edmonton’s talented creatives. From artists, sculptors, potters, and authors, we creating a collaborative locale to showcase their talents. Over the years, we’ve worked with great community-minded initiatives; initiatives we’ll contribute to through the café. 

We’re here to stay, to grow with our community, to help our community grow. 

Crowdfunding, The Cove Tea Co., and You

At the heart of the Cove Tea Company is the desire to share the fuller, deeper flavours of loose leaf teas with you. From the hands of farmers and merchants who understand and respect fair trade and certified organic quality.

According to traditional funding options, our cozy little tea shop is a high-risk venture, with most restaurants closing their doors within the first year. Many more by their fifth year. Thankfully, ATB can envision our concept, what we hope to bring to the community, how we aspire to bring the community together. They’ve wondrously approved us for a BoostR Campaign. 

So, although they see the value to the community we will bring, your support of our ATB BoostR Campaign will cement their belief in our tea shop and help us secure the funding we need.  

This is where you hold the power. 

By supporting our crowdfunding campaign, you help us show ATB, and other funding sources that Edmontonians can’t wait to sit back and relax with a great pot of tea to discuss the day’s events with friends and family. 

We’re willing to take the risk to bring a bustling tea shop to our friends, our families, our neighbours. We can’t wait to help neighbours become friends. Our vision for our tea shop is one of quiet reprieve. 

Risks & Challenges

Being able to tell a compelling story, having friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers around the city, the world, feel the passion you feel, see the vision you see is a challenge. We’re putting our cards on the table. 

We trust the community will embrace us, and we’re going to work our butts off, knowing you’re investing a vote of confidence in us, in our vision. 

Running a profitable café isn’t easy. We know this from experience. With the industry comes challenges: costs of sourcing locally grown foods, labour costs in a market we want to stand out in. 

And, of course, one of the most important aspects of our business: hiring amazing staff who share our values around customer service, fresh food, and embodying a growing community. 

Luckily, it’s a challenge we’re looking forward to taking head-on. A challenge we have a lot of experience in to help us succeed in this market. 

Come for Tea

By joining forces with the Cove Tea Company, you’re prepared to stop in, relax, and take a few extra moments to prepare a beautiful pot of tea. We want to bring back the “sit back, relax, enjoy your day” to the community.

Help Us Spread the Word! 

Take a look at our rewards, grab a few for yourself, and please help us spread the word to your friends and family. Let everyone you know we're coming to town to fill their cups of tea. 

Comments (24)

Cory Tse says:

Happy you have achieved your goal. Looking forward to sharing a nice cup of tea :).

38 seconds ago

Leanne Myggland-Carter says:

What a tea-rrific business. 💖

39 seconds ago

G V says:

Good luck Sherry and Carrie

33 seconds ago

Andrew Powell says:

Fingers are crossed for you... and for me: I need tea!! :D

38 seconds ago

Fernando Alves says:

Way to go Sherry! All the best with Cove Tea and if you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us. :)

11 seconds ago

Sherry & Carrie Lawler says:

Sooo incredibly proud of you this is amazing!!!! I wish u soo much luck and yes we must catch up for a tea. Xo

21 seconds ago

Mindy Black says:

Earl Grey tea would be lovely. It doesn’t need to be shipped right away if someone will be heading out here from Edmonton. Not sure if Carrie will be?

16 seconds ago

Aaron Paquette says:

Best of luck!

28 seconds ago

Don Wong says:

I wish you all the best in this endeavour!!!

36 seconds ago

Aga Wajda-Plytta says:

Keep crushing it!!

44 seconds ago

Sherry & Carrie Lawler says:

So excited for you girls.

27 seconds ago

Sherry & Carrie Lawler says:

Can't wait to try more of your teas. The samples were AMAZING!

19 seconds ago

Wendy Powell says:


27 seconds ago

Suzanne Harris says:

Can't wait for the cafe! Edmonton needs The Cove Tea Company!

16 seconds ago

Tiziana Benvenuto says:

Ahh! This one resonated for me!!

6 seconds ago

Larry Harris says:

So excited for you!

8 seconds ago

Star Newman says:

Your teas are so wonderful. I can't wait to come to the cafe!

9 seconds ago

Theresa Grandmond says:

Congrats Sherry. Exciting adventure begins.

7 seconds ago

Roda Mejia says:

God bless!

46 seconds ago

Cory Tse says:

Wishing you all the success in your entrepreneurial endeavor :D :D

39 seconds ago

Melissa Walker says:

Way to go Sherry and Carrie! You can do it!

9 seconds ago

Les Bartlett says:


27 seconds ago

Wendy Powell says:

We are really looking forward to you opening the doors of your new business! -W & A

56 seconds ago

Val Lawler says:

Great job, girls! So proud of you both! And can't wait to come visit you in-store.

54 seconds ago


Sherry Lawler


Sherry has a unique perspective on the tea shop. She has spent a good portion of her world working in some of Edmonton's best restaurants, learning the ropes to many aspects of the industry. While travelling, she will always find a local tea shop and bookstores and scope them out: the good, the bad, the AMAZING! The Cove Tea Company is the creative outcome of chatting with Carrie about how they'd operate a tea shop. And the community they'd love to build within its walls. Plus, neither of t...

Carrie Lawler


I'm so excited to get to do this great project with my sister. We've been chit-chatting back & forth over tea, about tea, and visiting tea shops all across Alberta & BC for the past few years. With ATB BoostR, our dream is going to become a brick & mortar reality. Tea the way we think it's meant to be - one sip at a time, with friends and great conversation.

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And ... we're off! 

Thank you so much for your early support and words of encouragement. We're truly appreciative and can't wait to get a place to house our café.

We hope you enjoy the rewards as we've done our best to give a variety for all to enjoy. Please help us spread the word with your friends and family. 

For the next 3 days, it's all up to you guys! Let's do this ... and let's get boosted! 


All Hands on Deck with Public Access to Boosting Our Tea Shop

All our rewards are open to the public as of this morning. As such, we'd truly appreciate any and all shares you can give to our BoostR Campaign link to help us reach tea lovers near & far. The Cove Tea Company is all about building friendships and community around a hot pot of tea. And we need your help to gather the community. Thank you so much for your support as we continue through this jouney. 



Thank you to everyone who has given our campaign a boost and who have taken a moment to share our campaign with their family and friends. In order to be successful, in order to bring life to a tea café where everyone can gather with friends and neighbours alike, sit back and take a moment to themselves, and enjoy every sip of tea ... we need your amazing help! 

Let's keep it up, as we've breached the 20% mark of our goal. We still have a long way to go, but I believe with us working collectively, we can definitely get there. 

We’ve officially crossed over the 25% Line!

We’re a quarter of the way there with only 14 days left to raise the other 75%. We have a few rewards still to release, to keep things interesting, and find our sweet spot.

if you’d like to see a reward or incentive that’s not posted, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll do what we can to put something together.

Thank you to everyone who has boosted our campaign to this point & to those who’ve helped spread the word near & far. We’re here because of you & your beautiful support. 💕

Surpassed the Halfway Mark! 😀

With only 7 days left to surpass our end goal of $5,000, we need your help to spread the word to your family & friends. 

Did you know Tea was the second most consumed beverage to water? And, tea is having a resurgence with its health benefits for us tea lovers.

The best part of drinking tea, though, is it’s a natural relaxant.

So, we’re on to something here. With our goal to sit back &’enjoy every slow sip of beautiful tea, not only is sitting back reducing your stress levels, but drinking tea itself is helping you to relax. 

Win-win-win ... that’s what we’re all about. We get to open our doors to host you and your friends. You can healthier drinking amazing teas with no artificial flavours or chemicals, and you get to reduce your stress and increase your happiness.