Happy Naked - Straight Forward Guide for a Healthy You

by Denise Mago denise@deehealthnfitness.com

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Feb 01, 2019


Feb 28, 2019




Happy Naked - Straight Forward Guide for a Healthy You

by Denise Mago in Calgary

Business Plan

"Change takes time but, make no mistake, the smallest of changes you made today means you will never be the same as yesterday, and the smallest changes made over time are the most impactful"



Many ‘how to—lose weight, get fit, live in peace—books are instructional. Such are best for assembling simple furniture; life requires more than a framework of ‘do this’ and ‘do that’.

‘happy naked’ links instruction with real live situations. Real people have real stories. You are a real person. You deserve the opportunity to marry direction with self-identification.

Take John. An instruction book would have listed WHAT John SHOULD do to change. But, telling his before and after story allows readers to connect their own situations that parallel John’s and ‘feel’ his transformation—we learn how John managed his change. The same for Shelly, Helen, and Breanna.

The Dee-5 covers five areas of lifestyle: sleep, nutrition, movement, mental health, and the soul. We feel our way through life, therefore it’s important to feel our way through change. How? Enter 5 of the senses we possess: touch sight, taste, hearing, and smell.

‘happy naked’ simplifies balance, supports positive change, and makes transformation realistic for every person.

Curious how Dee-5 and 5 senses connects? Support this campaign and you will be the first person to have access to this amazing guide.


I am very passionate about different topics such as love and relationships, the way I see fitness and “Happy Naked” is what will assist you to be more loving, accepting and confident with yourself and others. When this happens the relationships with you, your life/love partner and the world will improve as a ripple effect. My mission is to help you to become confident and happy in your own skin, when you look at yourself naked in the mirror you are happy with what you see and that will translate on how you perceive yourself in a positive way.  The mission of my book is to help you be in a “healthier body” and “healthier mindset”. Which ultimately provides you with a step by step guide that you can carry with anywhere you go (as it is small enough to fit in your purse, car etc.) to always look back on.




1.- Straight forward guide to having a balanced lifestyle.

2.- Easy to carry with you and read any where

3.- Provide simple ways to create and build your healthy lifestyle

4.- All the recommendations in the book are sustainable to keep over time

5.- Fitness will give all the results you want when you implement the other 4 areas to work on as well, mentioned in the book



Being an entrepreneur comes with many challenges, I am a visionary and I want to bring the best out of everyone.  In the society of today, we must start with one’s health; when most people live in pain, suffering from illnesses, diseases, and stress among many other lifestyle conditions, it means that it is time to act. I have faced my own challenges personally and in business just like many of you. As a business owner I am always looking for ways to be able to reach out to more people, create, impact and help you live your life with fullness while always being healthy and wealthy.

Your support means the world to me and I will always be grateful for that. You can support me by going through the rewards section and find the one that works best for you, that you can fully get all the benefits from. This will support the publication of the book and you will enjoy the benefits of the reward as well. Thank you in advance for your support!



At the end of the campaign and getting boosted with your support, we have estimated approximately have the books ready to deliver by July 2019. We can coordinate the deliveries in Calgary and outside of Calgary requires a shipping fee which is not included in the rewards section.

Comments (17)

Sandra Santoyo says:

I wish you a lot of success!!! Congrats for your first book

34 seconds ago

doris segura says:

Way to go Denise, wish you all the best amiga.

55 seconds ago

Vanessa Gardea says:

Ggracias por tu publicacion!! y con mucho gusto te apoyo!! Vanessa Gardea

20 seconds ago

C.A. Pedersen says:

I so admire your posture Dee hugs

57 seconds ago

Mariela Parra says:

The best of success!

9 minutes ago

Tracy Ferguson says:

I can't wait to read it!!

53 seconds ago

Alfredo Vaccaro says:

She deserves this for her hard work! Love U!!

53 seconds ago

Mariana Lanz says:

Keep following your dreams!

8 seconds ago

Wanda St Hilaire says:

You go girl! Can't wait for the launch. Looks like you'll crush the $10,000 and then some. Buena suerte.

32 seconds ago

Kimberly Nelson says:

Cheering you on!

1 seconds ago

Emily Sobkowicz says:

This is amazing 😁

59 seconds ago

Adam Stredel says:

Mucha suerte Dee. Te deseamos que se cumpla el Boost

10 seconds ago

Catherine Saykaly-Stevens says:

Dee, your energy and positivity are infectious and I wish you much success.

31 seconds ago

Diego Stredel says:

Palante es paya

16 seconds ago

Octavio Toro says:


34 seconds ago

Deanne Robertson says:

Love you Dee! You are a Rock Star! Inspired by your ability to create your dream and live it my friend!

2 seconds ago

Alfredo Vaccaro says:

Dee deserves to be helped as she has worked hard even though she had found some problems but she keeps going on to get to her goal. I admire her for her decision to continue despite the obstacles that have been presented on her personal life and for that I give her a lot of credits. Please keep up on your journey!!!!!!

50 seconds ago


Dee Mago


Dee has the superpower of simplicity, as a result of that she has being able to develop programs and a lifestyle that can be easy and simple to implement in our "busy" life. She is very passionate about life and everything she does comes from that place.

Luc Colin


Luc’s super power is no matter how old he gets he always keep the child within which keeps him close to play video games like when we were kids forgetting about responsibilities and just enjoying the moment, also curious about finding the solutions to all your computer issues.

Tania Spears


Tania has the super power of wonder woman, she is incredible at making sure that all your bookkeeping, accounting and business is on track the most amazing thing is that she enjoys working with numbers. She focuses on helping women to be successful in their businesses by keeping the numbers on track.

Heidi Dunstan


Heidi has the superpower of service and kindness, she is the best virtual assistant any business can have and on top of that very skillful: graphic designer, creative, tasks oriented and she know what to do as simple as that. You can say what you want and need to be done, Heidi will do it better!

Shawn Alain


Shawn has the super power of a visionary and he knew from the start what social media had to offer when he started Viral in Nature, he has grown a powerful team that today they all share their own skills and super powers to help business like Dee Health n' Fitness grow in the online world. He is very determined when he wants something he will do what it takes to make it happen.

Mariela Parra


Mariela's super power is passion, she is very passionate about culture as well as sharing our Latin culture to the world through flixeh.com, and she is the president of Expo Latino and advocate of Latin America in Calgary. They are the ones responsible for the design of the amazing cover of my book.

Yenny Foulston


Yenny has the wonderful super power to see through you and show your beauty using the camera. She is the talented artist that took the picture that it is in the cover of the book.

Marie Beswick-Artthur


Marie is an angel on earth; she has the super power to bring the idea and rough writing to a magic clear understanding for everyone that will read this book. She has this connection with words like no other.

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