I'm Kaitie Degen — a 26 year-old working towards sobriety. I grew up in a chaotic household, riddled with abuse, social service intervention and bullying. Having never met my father, and constantly helping with a drug-addicted mother, meant growing up quickly under a great deal of stress. Besides my constant battle with depression and anxiety, I've also had the burden of my own vices. I believe that drugs and alcohol have deeply shaped who I am today, but I came to realize that the overindulgence was stunting my personal growth. My life has been a humbling experience of searching for my self-worth, but recently I'd been craving more; more love and honesty towards myself and more confidence to help others do the same. This was the beginning of Sober Saturdayz. My aim is to create radically fun alcohol-free events where people can talk openly about substance abuse and build the confidence to engage in social situations, while making healthy decisions. Sober Saturdayz is a collective of rad individuals who love getting together without the hangover. Sober Saturdayz is about creating radically fun alcohol-free events, where it's encouraged to talk openly about social pressures and substance abuse. We team up with bars and restaurants across Edmonton to host wacky experiences, featuring local or uniquely-crafted food, drink and much more! On top of this my main goal is to open a non-alcoholic liquor store/venue for my events!

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