Cancun Rainforest Inc. (Cancun Rainforest) was founded by Dr. Antonio Rico, his son Santiago, and daughter Angelica in August, 2012. The company’s mission is to act as the premium gateway for Mexican and eventually, Latin American organic food producers into the Canadian market. Realizing the great demand that exists for organic food in Canada, Cancun Rainforest decided to import these products. Many producers and providers of elaborated organic foods have shown great interest in exporting to the Canadian organic market. Cancun Rainforest has the capability to penetrate market niches. We represent quality organic foods manufactures and our customer service is impeccable. We focus on organic products and offering our select and fine quality Mexican food. One of our mottos is “bringing the unique flavours of Mexico to Canada”. We have our head office in Calgary, a warehouse located in Surrey, BC, a sales representative in Ottawa, and a website domain published in March 2016. Cancun Rainforest has amazing advantages acquired over its short life span: • West Canada distributor of Chicza, a unique organic chewing gum: • Canadian distributor of Ki-Xocolatl, a unique organic chocolate made from Criollo beans: • Exclusivity of eNature brand, a leader in Mexico of organic food products: • Unique Mexican traditional hot sauces such as habanero’s Fuego Maya: and Macha sauces’ by La Consentida: • Handmade products from the communities’ hearth: amaranth bars and cookies from Ki-An Among our selected clients are organic retailers such as Amaranth, Community Natural Foods, Purearth Organics, Latinamerican food stores such as Unimarket, 3 Marias, Argyll Foods, MI Casa Market.

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