As a pro fitness trainer of 19 years, I have seen all types of people of different body shapes and sizes and have come to appreciate the importance of developing a unique program, UFiiT that is specific to the individual’s body and needs. What is my motivation? My WHY is explaining the Truth about fitness, health and wellness. My HOW is opening people's eyes and reminding them that we all have a natural instinct that we are given by nature to understand, deduct and most of the time decide what works and discover what might be ideal for us. We are all different so our approach will be and should be different. But we are told and constantly being told that there is only one generic way to do things especially when it comes to fitness, weight management and overall wellness. I disagree because I don't believe it's a generic approach. We all have different bodies and body needs so the ways to achieving goals have to be different, not generic.. I believe health, fitness, weight and wellness is a dialogue rather than a dictatorship and so we need to have a variety of proven and vetted methods based on that, not the generic unproven ones people are being confused with currently. I developed a training Method, UFiiT (Ultimate Fitness and Interval Training) that is a synchronized way of using your mind and body to achieve a goal or goals based on the natural strengths and challenges they possess. I believe that our minds and bodies are connected, one can not truly achieve without the other period. Only when you have the mind and body working together that you achieve true results, and transform.

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