I am a 41 years old single mother with two teenagers and a third child, my only son, whom will soon be reaching his teen years. In 2012 I decided to change my life, and I did a 180 degree turn, leaving the corporate world with an IT background career, realizing that my passion of health and strength was what drew me to who I really was. I decided to become a Personal Trainer dedicated to helping people to feel more confident while creating a more positive lifestyle and make better choices for a better tomorrow. I wanted to work with people, instead of always in front of a computer screen. I wanted to make an impact. I see a lot of people living in pain, illness, often chronic and with different diseases, and this makes me sad. Although I am not a doctor, I did come to the realization that the majority of these issues were all related to lifestyle. I discovered during my pregnancies that what kept me healthy before and after delivering my babies was that I was always active. I had healthy and perfect pregnancies every single time. That allowed me to come to the conclusion that basically if I can share my experiences, others too can have great pregnancies. My own experience also allowed me to start exploring different ways to improve my mind and body in conjunction with each other, for easy and simple ways to sustain an active life as a single mom of 3, especially as an entrepreneur and the social person that I am. By compiling my theories and proven experiences, I am able to carry through the findings and share this with others to help them do the same. The best way to do this was to create a book that helped to detail the advise that I put together, and thus began my journey to my book "Happy Naked". Now I too am able to offer a place where you can achieve a successful lifestyle, for little money and little time, and reach out to more people and change the world one book at the time. This would be a dream come true for me, to share everything I know and reach more people than just the small community of which I am from. I want everyone to feel "Happy Naked".

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